Sunday, November 11, 2007

4 Goals says it all

I would be smiling too if I had a Sunday like Bobby Sanguinetti just finished having. Let us see we start with four goals, add in an assist, toss in a +3 and finish with a "First Star of the Game" all of which was a part of Sanguinetti's leading his Brampton Battalion to a 7-1 win over the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors at home.

Truly an awesome performance for the Ranger's 2006 first round pick as it caps off a week where Sanguinetti in 4 games was a 6-5-11 and is on a 4 game scoring streak. The hardest part of Sanguinetti's efforts this week is trying to guess how much better Sanguinetti is going to get as a prospect.

Just when you think you have an idea about Sanguinetti's potential, he raises the bar for himself by just playing better. When as a defenseman you are 15-19-34 +10 in just 20 games there is something very special about you.

Here is some food for thought, when Ranger fans voted for Sanguinetti as the "Dean Prentice Prospect of the Month" it was based on his 9-14-23 over 15 games in September and October. At 6-5-11 in 5 games and with 6 games remaining in November what will his numbers be like?

One thing is for sure there is no rational reason for Team USA not to add Sanguinetti to the roster for the World Under-20 Championships. There is no American born player who is having the kind of season that Sanguinetti is having at either the CHL or NCAA level.

If Sanguinetti is left off then the selection process is very flawed.

If I was Ryan Hillier I would be wondering what I have to do in order to catch Bobby Sanguinetti for the prospect scoring lead. Every time it seems that Hillier gets close then Sanguinetti jumps further ahead.

Prior to Sanguinetti's performance against Mississauga St. Michael's, Hillier's game winning overtime assist against the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles tied Sanguinetti for the prospect scoring lead at 29 points.

That tie lasted for about an hour but knowing Ryan Hillier that his assist helped to win the game 6-5 was more important to him that any individual statistic. For Hillier setting up linemate PJ Corsi for the win and Corsi's hat trick meant that the Mooseheads have now won 4 straight games and moved to within four points of the first place Cape Breton.

One thing we will add which is to point out to those Hillier critics who complained that all he does is score goals to please notice that Hillier is now 15-14-29. 14 assists is not numbers that suggest that Hillier is only about himself.

David Skokan was scoreless as his Rimouski Oceanic fell to the Baie-Comeau Drakkar 5-1 on home ice. A quiet night for Skokan but out of fairness it was the second half of a back to back set.

A question for all who vote in this week's poll

I know why I think Glen Sather will retire if the Rangers win the cup but what do you guys think when you make your choices? If you think Sather will retire then do you believe that Schoenfeld will get the job?

If you do not think Sather will retire then can you explain why?


Nat said...

holy crap. Sanguinetti is so getting on this list!

If he can keep up this unbelievable pace, he'll find himself on this list as well!

If he's got 100 points with 20 games left, I'd want to do a record watch but wouldn't want to put any pressure on him. So maybe an internal record watch in my mind. and heart. <3

155 points in 66 games?!? what the hell!

Jess Rubenstein said...


LOL now do you see why I keep telling people why the Rangers do not need to go out and sign a UFA defenseman during the next off-season.

They already have Sanguinetti under contract for next year