Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catching our Breath

Boy has this been a fun week to be a Ranger fan has it not? From watching the Rangers go a very nice 7-1 so far this month to enjoying the seasons we are watching from Ranger prospects.

Even the newest members of the Prospect Park team (Cyrus on the left, Tammy Paws on the Right) are very happy with how the Rangers are doing.

Only Bobby Sanguinetti and his Brampton Battalion were in action this evening and as Sanguinetti's goal and point scoring streaks both came to an end on the road in the Battalion's 5-3 loss to the Windsor Spitfires.

Sanguinetti had a very quiet night which says a lot about as Sanguinetti goes so do the Troop. Still this was only the 5th time in 21 games that Sanguinetti did not record a point and that too is an impressive stat to bring up.

For us, tonight is a chance to enjoy the Rangers defeating the Flyers while getting ready for another busy weekend of prospect coverage.


Anthony M. said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of felines. I have a three-year-old calico and six-month-old tuxedo that is a terror! She has a lot of Sean Avery in her :-)

Jess Rubenstein said...


Oh I know the cat world quite well as this is the next generation of kittys for us.

We had Bubba (22), Corie (23) and Sammy (17) who left us over the last couple of years after being great friends.