Monday, September 24, 2007

Kids Night Off

Kids Night Off

None of the prospects were in action Monday Night so I got to watch the Ranger game (if you want to call it a game) against the Islanders. If you really need a recap of this game then check with Dubi at the Blueshirt Bulletin.

His would be the kinder more gentle version that has the cleaner language. I realize it is preseaon but as a fan of the game I am embarrassed when I see a game go "Slap Shot" for all to see.

It is not that I dislike fighting and I really do enjoy a good rivalry game but cmon seeing a the movie "Slap Shot" break out at an NHL game reflects badly on the game and league itself. Fair fights I can deal with, nonsense like what took place this evening disappoints me.

I really like Ted Nolan having gotten to talk to him at the last couple of drafts but sometimes I wonder whether he realizes that tossing gas on a fire does more to damage the game than anything else.

I for one was not at all shocked that Chris Simon went after Ryan Hollweg. Simon as Dubi pointed out still acts as if he did nothing wrong. I really do fear that when the regular season happens that Simon will once again do something stupid and someone could get hurt

Work in Progress

I really do thank those of you who have stopped by and offered both feedback and suggestions as to how to best improve this place. As I said last week I really did not plan on going live with this blog/website until after the New Year so there will be days when I mess with it trying to make things look and sound better for you.

So excuse the mess while I try to find the best combination. One thing I am sad to report that I can not find a media player that will allow me to play "I wanna drive the Zamboni" here. The idea is to share the fun I have covering the prospects and you know maybe just maybe lighten your day.

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