Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello Not Much Happening

A very quiet Wednesday with the only thing to report on is the in the weekly CHL rankings nothing has changed. Only Ryan Hillier's Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL are ranked and they remained 7th as they were last week.

Other than mentioning that there are still a couple of days for people to vote for our Prospect Of the Month there was not a whole lot to say.

I am curious though if some of you would not mind explaining why everyone is voting for Bobby Sanguinetti and almost ignoring the efforts of our other prospects. I am not trying to influence the voting but have to acknowledge that I kind of expected the voting to be closer.

I am thinking that I did a poor job stating a case for each of those listed as choices and if anyone has a suggestion as to how to improve this please let me know.

Rangers in action Thursday against the Cap as is Ryan Hillier as we get ready for another wild weekend of prospect action.

I really got to recommend that if you have CSTV that you check out the Swedish sensation Freshman Carl Hagelin of the Michigan Wolverines starting at 7 CT. This will be your first chance to see this impressive forward who I will profile in the December issue of the Blueshirt Bulletin


Nat said...

everyone must have a hard-on for bobby. seriously, i would imagine it is because he stands out. An offensive defenseman on pace for a 100+ point season is something we haven't seen in some time. While Hillier and Zaborsky can be written off as this years' incarnations of Tommy Pyatt or Nigel Dawes (not bad things), Sanguinetti is a type of player we don't really have on our roster. Plus, from what I've read, he's been leading his team to victory behind those points of his more so than the others. I don't know where to vote but Sanguinetti gets mine. Zaborsky has only made a case in the last few weeks. Sounds strong. Hillier has been consistent all month and had a strong start. Maybe my memory of October is a little fuzzy?

Mark said...

It was a toss up for me between Hillier and Sanguinetti. I went with Hillier because a bunch of his goals were game winners and is the leader scorer on the team despite being on the second line and not playing with the teams best playmaker(Voracek). The college guys haven't played enough games to really shine IMO. Zaborsky started to get hot after I voted but I'd still take Sanguinetti over him. Their point totals are about equal and Sangs being a defenseman makes his output more impressive to me. Still, Hillier's game winners put him over the top.

Mark B. said...

I went with Bobby S because he has been dominant from day 1. I love Hillier (in fact- he is a graduate of the ockey school I used to teach at) but I think Bobby deserves it this month. Ryan and the others will catch up.

Mark B. said...

It's Colorado Mark in case "mark b" is too confusing especially since there is another mark on here!

I can never remember my google sign in, so I have to say that I don't post here as much as I would like. I have to think about whether it is worth fighting the site security!

Jess Rubenstein said...


Ok I can see your point as it makes it clear that I did a bad job making a case for all of those prospects.

Do not get me wrong Sanguinetti has had a great start to his season but I thought the voting would have been closer.


You made an even better case for Hillier than I did but one thing we really need to see from Hillier is whether or not he will put up these numbers all season instead of being a one half player.

I agree in many ways his is more impressive because he is doing it from the 2nd line but another thing I am liking is that he is scoring on the PK as well.

Mark B

It is ok I understand that you folks from Princess Anne Bay all look alike LOL

Mark said...

And right on cue from Hillier, another shorthanded goal. Gotta love this kid.