Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Monday

Strange days are Mondays with not a lot of news to report but what little news there is is interesting.

Got to start with Week 4 of the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Poll as there are 3 teams with Ranger prospects in the top 15.

Carl Hagelin's Michigan Wolverines jumped from 6th to 3rd after sweeping Northern Michigan.

Billy Ryan's Maine Black Bears returned to the poll at 13 after a one week absence

Jordan Foote's Michigan Tech Huskies joined the poll for the first time this season at 15. Tech faces number one North Dakota this weekend in a huge series that could go a long way in helping Tech make the NCAAs this season.

It is not always black and white

The Prince Edward Island Rocket fired their coach Yanick Jean even though they are in the middle of a 3 game winning streak. Now most will scratch their heads and question this move but I understand it because this team was clearly under performing.

Something is wrong when you win a game 6-2 despite allowing 56 shots on goal. Antoine Lafleur has been facing on the average of 30 shots on goal. Lafleur for now appears to have lost his starting job to rookie Marc-Andre Gelinas.

Sorry Top Secret

The Rimouski Oceanic are not disclosing the extent of David Skokan's injury at the moment. A rough translation of an article from Saturday's game against the Moncton Wildcats appears to indicate that Skokan was injured on the play by Moncton's Zach Sill.

Details are sketchy and we will report what we can find out.


It is time for the weekly Prospect Park Prospect of the Week tomorrow.

Prospect Park is also going to have a quiz for you at the end of the month (OK just kidding). Actually what we are going to do is have you guys vote for our First Ever Prospect Of the Month but first we need to come up with a name for said award so leave your choices in the comments section and the top 5 will be put up for a vote


Magnus said...

Would be hard not to have Sanguinetti among the nominations, wouldn't it?

A Simple Rangers Fan said...

I think the aware should be named the Stefan Cheranski award.
Seriously, I would probably name the award after either Mike Richter or Brian Leetch

Nat said...

go get yourself a sponsor and make some endorsement $$$!

Mark B. said...

BTW- who won the Lars Erik Sjoberg award this year? I don't remember it being announced?

My suggestions:

In keeping with the Alliteration of the site:

Peak Performer

Horse Meat Prospect of the Month (in honor of Dube)
Hot Dog of the Month (in honor of Brendl)
Future Star of the Month
I'll keep thinking of some.
I understand you want to control the comments, but the security to post here is tougher than my bank login!

Colorado Mark

Who is CJG? said...

I agree with a simple rangers fan. Call it the "Leetchie" or the "Rickey" and be done with it.