Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prospect of the Week

It was not that long ago when Ranger fans could count on one hand the number of quality prospects the Rangers actually had. Nice to know those days are a distant memory as for this week's selection for Prospect of the Week we actually had several possible choices to choose from.

Jordan Foote (2004 6th Rd) earned the selection this week not because he had the most goals or points but because nobody worked harder than he did. Ranger fans have long loved the player who wears his heart on his sleeve, who's effort clearly was visible to all who could see because it was all about working hard as Foote did this past Sunday.

With his Huskies trailing 3-2 in the 2nd period, Foote was able to fight off two Lake Superior defensemen and their goalie to poke the tying goal into the net with one hand. It was Foote's first goal of the season and while it was a great play, still it was not what got us to watch replay after replay of the biggest play of the week in our eyes.

In the 3rd period with the score tied, Foote got the puck behind the Lake Superior net, using his body as a screen Foote kept the puck away from the Lake Superior defense even when it became a 2 on 1. Foote was not going to give up the puck unless it was on his terms and it was nice to see him win the battle along the boards.

Foote controlled the puck then got it to his open linemate Eric Kattelus who in turned fed a wide open Jimmy Kerr for the game winner. It was perhaps a huge message to all of us about hard work and effort.

It was blue collar hockey at it's best, the kind of effort that Ranger fans have been screaming for from the Rangers in this young season. It was what happens when you (a) work harder than the other team and (b) never quit on a play.

For this week there were several deserving players, Carl Hagelin's debut with Michigan, Bobby Sanguinetti with his game winning shoot out goal, Ryan Hillier's QMJHL leading 10th goal, and even Max Campbell's efforts in his debut with Western Michigan even though it was an exhibition game.

However Jordan Foote taught us a lesson about always working hard, about how sometimes your heart will take you a lot further than your talent. Thank you Jordan for the lesson we needed to be reminded of.

The Weekly USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Hockey Poll

Off their upset win over then number 2 Boston College and the close loss to 6th ranked Minnesota, Carl Hagelin and his Michigan Wolverines moved up 3 spots to 6th.

Billy Ryan and his Maine Black Bears dropped out of the Top 15 into the "Also receiving votes" area after 2 road losses to Denver.

None of the other Ranger prospect had their team even receiving votes.

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