Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Script Please

Well Day One is in the books at the World Under-20 Championships and the only surprise was that nothing surprising happened as the favored teams won.

Before we go any further let us explain that our coverage of the Under-20 Championships will work. Our main mission is to cover Ranger prospects and that will remain our focus.

If you want news about how everyone did then this is one of the rare times when everyone actually gives the kids some coverage why repeat what will be all over the place.

Artem Anisimov was the only Ranger prospect to net himself a goal as his Russian team struggled early but wound up with a 7-4 win over Finland.

Anisimov scored on a one-timer from in front of Finland's net during Russia's 4 goal second period. Anisimov was also on the ice for what proved to be Russia's game winning goal to give Anisimov a +2 for the game.

Teammate Alexei Cherepanov was not in Russia's lineup and the most reliable report says it was because of a cold/bronchitis and NOT because of the supposed "issues" that Cherepanov and Russian coach Sergei Nemchinov. Russia becomes a more dangerous team.

The Prospect Park favorite for the Gold, Team USA had little trouble with Kazakhstan winning 5-1 as Bobby Sanguinetti was scoreless but was a +1 for the game. It is very interesting to see how the world viewed this game as the Pro-US media said it was a solid performance while in Europe many said that Team USA had larger than normal tournament jitters while the underdogs from Kazakhstan put up the spirited fight.

Memo to the entire hockey world: please leave the silly posturing out of the tournament as it is supposed to be about the teenagers from all over the world showing up for a "FRIENDLY" competition. All that really matters is that USA won 5-1 and there is no need for good guy vs bad guy. Can we just enjoy the tournament please?

In the only matchup featuring Ranger prospects going against each other, Carl Hagelin's Sweden had a dogfight from David Skokan's Slovakia winning on a late goal 4-3. Neither prospect factored in the scoring but Hagelin was a -1.

From our sources, Skokan was used on Slovakia's penalty kill and second line while Hagelin
was a 4th liner for Sweden. If anything Slovakia sent a message that they may not be medal contenders but they are going to fight to remain in the Top Division.

We also left our Canada's 3-0 win over the Czech Republic (with David Kveton) as the real story was how the host country put up a solid fight but Canada's power play was the difference. David Kveton took an interference minor while playing on the Czech team's first line.


Nat said...

How do you figure Pacioretty(sp?)'s injury will affect Sanguinetti's role on Team USA?

Jess Rubenstein said...


I do not see it affecting Sanguinetti's role seeing how Pacioretty is a forward and Sangs a defender.

As a team if USA does lose a Pacioretty then it will really hurt as Pacioretty was counted on to be a key player.