Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well we are mere moments from game time and if you have read the Blueshirt Bulletin you already know that Vally in net with Prucha replacing Shanny in the lineup.

No other changes at this time. Anyone who ever thought being a member of the press was better seating has not been to Vancouver when the ceiling is closer to you than the ice you are too high.

More as the game goes on

First Period

Lots of empty seats here in "hockeytown", you know anyone who complains about how CVS runs the Rangers can not complain at least MSG puts on a good show not a diva contest

Canucks getting traffic in front of Vally and the Rangers are not doing the same.

Canucks keeping the Rangers to the outside and the Rangers are helping them. This is where they really miss Shanny.

Twice the puck jumped over Staal's stick

Second period

Bad goal by Vally he left the side door wide open

Gomez allows Kessler to sucker him

Betts made a great play but people will trash him for not finishing

Jagr jumping to protect Prucha

Still have hard time believing there was so many empty seats

Rangers need to stop playing pretty and attack the net

Canucks love to show Pam Anderson shaking her hooters every time the camera is on her

Fans irate over the double minor to Kessler are blind as heck

Good hit on Dubinsky but that happens every night it seems.

Scary when Malik has the most effective rush of the night.

Rangers do not generate any traffic in front of Luongo making him look good

Third Period

Jagr hits post

Hossa takes suspect penalty

Rangers with ZERO traffic in front of Luongo make his job so easy

Totally bogus penalty given to Orr, so bad that they did not replay it in the arena

Rangers turning it up now, edge of play to them and Luongo makes a great save to rob Jagr once then twice

Suspect refs but then again it is Bill McCleary so if the calls are phantom they will got against the Rangers

Canuck fans showing how low class they are

Nice Screen use which what the Rangers need to do

Double screen on the 3rd goal

Once again the Rangers GAVE away a game

Betts was the Rangers best player

Vally deserved a better fate

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forever said...

Hey Jess!

BlueClue here-

Just thought i'd stop by and say hi.
Tough break on that fluke goal.

Enjoy the city. Vancouver is a beautiful place. I'm jealous-