Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Herd is In a World of Hurt

The storybook article would have been telling people about how Ryan Hillier returned to the Halifax Moosehead's lineup for Game 3 of their QMJHL series against the Gatineau Olympiques and led them to a victory.

Sorry that did not happen as while Hillier did return from his "lower body" injury but the Mooseheads as a team did not show up as they got blown out 6-1.

With the loss, the Mooseheads are now down 3-0 in this season and one has to be realistic in thinking with the next 2 games in Gatineau that the Moosehead's chances are very poor.

Hillier we believe is not fully recovered but at the same time, his own teammates really need to look in the mirror after the effort they gave here. This was not the Moosehead team that won 2 playoff series, it was the Moosehead team that fell flat on their faces down the stretch.

At the same time we will not take away from the Gatineau Olympiques as they have worked hard all series long and deserved this win. They took the game to the Mooseheads, they won those small battles along the boards and simply out hustled the Mooseheads.

In Game 3, the Olympiques came out ready to cash in on winning the first 2 games in Halifax. The Olympiques took a 2-0 lead in the first period, despite giving up an early goal in the 2nd period closed out the period with 2 more goal for a 4-1 lead.

In the 3rd period, the Olympiques simply blew the Mooseheads out the door, it was not just scoring 2 more goals for the final 6-1 score. It was a total domination whether it was a 14-3 shots on goal advantage or the dangerous scoring chances as the Olympiques who had a 25-5 advantage there.

We will not bother with the slogans, the corny cliches and other stuff as the bottom line is this: Game 4 is Thursday evening and it is up to the Halifax Mooseheads if they go out fighting or they simply just surrender.

(Ryan Hillier picture courtesy of the Halifax Mooseheads)

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