Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cmon It Is The Sather (Updated with Prospects)

The month of March has been like a switch for Chris Doyle of the Prince Edward Island Rocket. 3 games into March and Doyle has 6 points to show for it (3-3-6).

On Wednesday Doyle scored 2 goals in a losing effort as Doyle's PEI Rocket fell to the Saint John Sea Dogs 4-3. For Doyle it was his 27th and 28th goal of the season as he set new career highs in both goals (28) and points (68).

With the 2 goals, Doyle also reclaims the lead in the Ranger prospect scoring race as his 68 points leads Evgeny Grachev by one point. One has to wonder what has happened to restart Doyle's season but give the days events it is best not question just hope that it continues.

In the OHL, one has to wonder now why Mitch Gaulton rushed to get back on the ice with the Erie Otters. What started out as a great story about the miracle of a comeback is turning into a nightmare.

Gaulton was dressed for the Erie Otters game against the Owen Sound Attack but never got a shift as the Otters earned their first playoff spot in 4 years with a 3-1 win. While we admire Gaulton for admitting that he is not in the game shape that he needs to be in order to play.

It is hard to question Robbie Ftorek as Ftorek has turned that franchise around and as a former NHL player and coach, Ftorek is also the right guy to help Gaulton to develop into a player.


Now as for the day's events

So were you really all that surprised that when it came to making a deal that your pal The Sather turned to an old friend and a former employee? Are the Rangers any better after these trades? Not really as once again Sather is gambling that a change of scenery will fix things.

The real answer is of course no because The Sather Karma tells you that higher paid players tend to fail in The Sather Reign of Error. We are supposed to accept that giving up 3 players and 1 sure (possibly a second) draft pick is the way to fix the flaws in the Ranger roster.

Once again The Sather does not think that Ranger fans have a brain, and can not think for themselves. Then again The Sather really does not care what you the Ranger fan thinks anyway; just shut up and give him your money has been his attitude.

It is about making moves and praying that they will work, that has been the basis of the moves made by The Sather in 9 seasons. Other than the Jagr charity trade from the Caps have backfired over and over.

Do either trade fix the problems with Chris Drury or Scott Gomez? Really the Rangers have tried everyone but Alexander Daigle with Gomez and nobody has been able to mesh long term with Gomez.

Chris Drury has badly needed a playmaker like former teammate Daniel Briere the last 2 years as nobody seems to be able to feed him the puck in scoring positions. This is nothing against Antropov but he is a scorer not a creator.

The Rangers say that Antropov adds size to the Ranger forward line but the question is where and with whom? The Sather has made it a habit of adding players who as individuals have talent but not been able to mesh with the current roster.

There is another concern that is not being spoken out loud which is the Antropov knees. Antropov has been healthy for the last couple of years but we all know what The Sather karma means.

Watch the karma cause Antropov to suffer a knee injury against the Islanders on Thursday as it is the way of The Sather.

Then you have to also look at what Brian Burke said about what he got out of The Sather:

“If you look at a timeline here, I don’t think we had a prayer of getting a second-round pick for this player until about a month ago when I confronted him publicly. His play improved after that. If you asked me a month ago if I would have gotten a second, I would have said no. His play improved over that time, so I think it’s fair value.”

Wow a player who has done well for all of a month can get you a 2nd round pick, bet The Sather must be jumping for joy that he fleeced his best friend by not giving him a first round pick.

Then again there is Don Maloney who gets needed depth for his younger roster while dumping a huge salary of a player that had no future with his team. Maloney gets 2 younger players who could very well fit right in with the future of the Coyotes.

Yes they could be restricted free agents after this season, Maloney can either keep both with 10% raises or if they sign with other teams get some draft picks. Every single person who emailed me about this deal said that Dawes is in a place where they will get the most out of his talent.

In the end the Rangers could wind up with nothing at all out of this deal given how neither Morris or Antropov has a contract for next year.

And what few who write about the Rangers have mentioned is those who are fighting with the Rangers for a playoff spot might have done a better job at addressing their needs than the Rangers.

The team to fear in our eyes is the Pens who added Chris Kuntiz and Bill Guerin with the Hurricanes (Eric Cole) a close second.

The Sather did not do that, he added a couple of question marks who once again the Rangers are rolling the dice and hoping it works.

The smart money says don't bet on The Sather.

(Chris Doyle courtesy of PEI Rocket)


Ryan McFadden said...

I knew that he would make some sort of deal with Maloney. What a joke, he was taken for a ride by his old pal.

Scotty Hockey said...

Sather is what, 64, 65? Hopefully that means we only have a few more years of this nonsense. Right about the time we get rid of Redden we can get fresh blood into the front office to bring in a new era of Ranger hockey. I can't wait because this has been brutal.

"The Sather really does not care what you the Ranger fan thinks anway; just shut up and give him your money has been his attitude."

The sad thing is that you are completely right, he doesn't. And the sadder thing is that we do keep giving him our cash. They should put him in the stocks like the days of yore for exploiting our loyalty so.

Peter said...

Agree with your Sather analysis these last few days. It is outrageous that he still is running the team. I was reading Blake Wheeler's (a player Sather really wanted)comments on joining the Bruins.He mentioned the great city, seeing a guy like Cam Neely in the front office, etc. We have potentially the best recruiter in hockey in Mark Messier, anxious for the position, who somehow still has not been offered an asst-gm job in the mad Dolan universe.
By the way, what is the conditional draft choice for Antropov? Thanks again for the fine work.

Jess Rubenstein said...


Thanks for the kinds words but Dubi is over at the Blueshirt Bulletin.

The conditional pick in then Antropov is 2010 one but not sure what round