Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stop The Insanity

OK people gather together here as we need to sit down and have a chat. I want you to take a good hard <---------- look at this picture and ask yourself this question:

If Glen Sather could not be trusted to screw in a lightbulb without somehow messing it up; how exactly can any sane Ranger fan actually think that he will make the kind of trades to right the mess that he himself created?

Repeat after me, nine years of Sather; nine very long years with Glen Sather, nine very long and very frustrating years of Glen Sather as Ranger's General Manager.

Yet the Sather appears to have found a way to blind many a Ranger fan these days. All he had to do was hire John Tortorella to replace Tom Renney and Ranger fans now think that this year's team can make a run at the post season.

One win over the Avalanche has many a Ranger fans thinking over various possible moves that could save the season. Those same folks who were calling for the head of Sather not even a week ago seem to have forgotten who they are trusting to make these kinds of moves.

I really hate to be the bad guy here but whipping on the Colorado Avalanche should not give anyone the belief that the Rangers are going to become a better team with a couple of moves. More exciting under Tortorella yes but hello those AHL Islanders defeated those same Avalanche 4-2 on Monday evening in a game that even Versus wishes they did not have to show.

Really now people, Glen Sather the same person who gave you Wade Redden is the person is going to fix his mistakes by making even more moves. Put the blindfold on me and let me try to cross Times Square at rush hour as I have a better chance of not getting hit than Sather does making the kinds of moves needed to fix the Rangers.

Ranger fans want Jay Bouwmeester but they have a better chance at getting Derek Morris only because the Coyotes want to dump him for something and will find someone dumb enough to take Morris and remainder of the salary he carries with him. Sather will say he needs a chance to fix himself despite that drop in point production and a -13.

Ranger fans want Keith Tkachuk but now that the Blues think they have a shot at the playoffs, he is staying put. Instead picture a Ranger locker room with Darcy Tucker and Sean Avery as roommates as well as locker room leaders defending that logo on the locker room carpet.

Hey maybe Sather can find a way to make a deal with TSN for Matthew Barnaby as he might be available for the right price.

Oh heck this is Glen Sather people, the hero who gave you Sister Christian last year (and I still have Blues fans laughing at me over that deal). The only decent moves that Sather ever made were those of players that nobody else was not wanting like Avery or Zherdev because of their reps.

The Rangers need to move salary before they can move players, the problem is that hardly anyone wants the Ranger salary problems unless they can also take a couple of Ranger gems as well.

For every possible deal involving a Redden or Gomez, there is also a demand that a Del Zotto, Anisimov or Sanguinetti be included as well. Not to mention that other teams are also wanting a first or second draft pick which the Rangers simply can not afford to give away at this point in time.

Glen Sather is not going to be able to find the miracle players who can shore up a very bad defense. Glen Sather is not going to find the Rangers that goal scoring sniper with an affordable contract.

Glen Sather could not even make a trade with himself without overpaying for a badly bloated contract.

Nobody wants to see the Rangers fix what is wrong with the franchise any more than I do but the best way to send this franchise on it's way to recovery would be to not let Sather make any more trades/signings.

After all hasn't he done enough already to "help" us in 9 years?

(Picture credit Sather/thegarden.com)

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Great Article! Every Rangers fan should read it.