Friday, December 4, 2009

Things Were Just Ducky

OK so we will plead guilty to spending our evening following the 113th playing of the Civil War but if you watched the game you got to see a great game won by the Oregon Ducks 37-33.

The win sends the local Oregon Ducks to the a New Years Day date with Ohio State at the Rose Bowl but there were some things about the events leading up to and including the game that reminded us of days gone past at Madison Square Garden.

First off remember the days when they used to bring out the decibel meter to measure the sound of a Ranger playoff crowd? Well that is what it is like for a game at Autzen Stadium. The Duck fans sadly have the well earned rep as some of the worst behaved in the Pac-10 (unlike Ranger fans) but the noise factor is one of the best anywhere.

The other thing that gets us is this video from about as it also reminds us of days gone past when Ranger fans would have this kind of loyalty to the team. Thanks to the ownership of the Dolans, I am sorry to say the loyalty is not as strong as it once was.

It is a shame to because like attending a Duck game, the Ranger games win or lose used to be pure joy especially at playoff time. The Rangers have lost that touch with the fan base and it is a huge shame because the fun has disappeared.

Funny thing is that these kids who put this video together actually freaked the Oregon brass out because of the use of the Oregon Duck mascot. The mascot is Donald Duck and Disney licenses him to the U of O but since the students did not get permission to use the Duck, the school was afraid that Disney was going to pull their license to use him.

That part reminded us of the Dolan ownership with the petty nonsense that led to the Yanks and Mets starting their own channels and the rest of us getting to pay extra now for it.

But for a night it was a lot more fun to see happy folks both Ducks and Beavers at the Civil War, putting on a great show for the US to see and while we was pulling for Benny Beaver; it was not meant to be.


Just 2 prospects in action on Thursday evening and in a way you can see that the players are now running out of gas just trying to make it to the annual holiday break on December 20th.

Daniel Maggio (2009 6th) and his Sudbury Wolves played an entertaining game on the road against the Peterborough Petes winning in the shootout 5-4. While Maggio did not score, the game itself was a back and forth affair more like pond hockey than anything else.

The Wolves jumped out to a 2-0 lead before the Petes stormed back with 4 unanswered goals of their own to take a 4-2 lead. The Wolves then responded with 2 in the 3rd period to tie the game and force it to overtime and then the shootout where they finally won.

Maggio as mentioned was scoreless but also a -1 and had a minor for tripping.

Got to hand it to Luke Pither (Traverse City) and his Barrie Colts as they went out and won their 15th straight game 5-3 over the Niagara Ice Dogs. Pither scored his 21st goal of the season (5th in the OHL) in the win as the Colts now have not lost in regulation since October 15th.

Imagine what it would be like to see a Ranger 15 game winning streak?

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