Tuesday, December 29, 2009

USA VS Latvia Third Period

3 point game for Stepan as he scores USA's 8th goal by gobbling up a rebound for his 2nd goal of the tournament. Stepan is now 2-5-7 but he should as crazy as this sounds have more.

Really would like to see how they decide who is going to be the USA player of the game as despite not scoring I really liked the job Ryan Bourque has done today.

All 3 Ranger draft picks have played well but still think they can take their games up even higher. We have not seen the best from the 3 draft picks as now the Canada game is going to give up a good idea as to just how good these kids can become.

Stepan now has a 4 point day with his 2nd goal of the game; think the USA Player just has been decided.

Up 10-1 and Kreider gets mad at himself for letting his check get free for a shot. That is exactly the kind of thing you want to see.

Kreider with the hat trick after scoring on a penalty shot so change it to Kreider as USA player of the game.

12-1 win which again is nothing to jump up and down about because it was Latvia but now the USA can point to Canada.

We will be back later as other Ranger prospects are about to start play this evening.

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