Saturday, May 1, 2010


I will be the first to say that I do not have the answers, I will also be the first to acknowledge that I have been wrong on occasion when it comes to predicting the future of the Ranger prospects.  That being said what is kind of funny in a sad way is the way some Ranger fans are reacting to the possibility that Ryan McDonagh is choosing to return to Wisconsin over leaving to sign with the Rangers.

From shock to wanting the soon to be Wisconsin captain to issue a public statement; some Ranger fans are acting as if McDonagh does not have the right to turn down the Rangers. If Ryan McDonagh wants to return to Wisconsin for his senior season it is his right and he does not owe anyone an explanation why.

Sorry people but I could list a whole bunch of reasons why McDonagh would want to remain in school and they just might start with something so simple as wanting to finish his degree. Anyone who bothers to look at McDonagh's biography at Wisconsin's website might discover that McDonagh was named to the named to the Academic All-Big Ten and WCHA All-Academic teams as a sophomore (repeated as a junior on the WCHA team).

And if you think the Rangers have not made an effort to get McDonagh to sign (or for the matter Stepan and Hagelin) that would also be a mistake. The Rangers spend a lot of time and effort in watching their prospects and we are not talking scouts alone as the Rangers have been well represented in Madison Wisconsin.

The Rangers also for their part really do not want McDonagh to speak up either way until after the free agent period is underway. The Rangers as everyone knows need help on defense so the price to bring in quality help is going to want to squeeze the Rangers as much as possible whether it be a trade or a free agent.

Still Ranger fans are not owed any kind of explanation from McDonagh as he knows what is best for him. No matter when he signs, the money and length of contract are already spelled out by the current CBA so if he signs tomorrow or next year the money and 3 year deal will remain the same.


The NHL Network does a great job covering hockey but with Versus and NBC covering the NHL playoffs, all that they show in the US is the "NHL on The Fly" while the games are going on. Why not show some of the AHL or ECHL playoffs?

Or since the NHL Network is going to show the Memorial Cup why not show some of the CHL league finals that are going on as we speak. Show a game each from the finals and let US fans see some very exciting hockey action.

It sure is a much better idea than 4 hours of boring highlights on what really is a great network for hockey.


I realize that most of you have no idea who these teams are but my picks for making the Memorial Cup are the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL, the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL and the Saint John Sea Dogs of the QMJHL. What is interesting is that each of these teams has an NHL connection.

The Calgary Hitmen have former Ranger captain Kelly Kisio as their general manager, the Windsor Spitfires have Warren Rychel as GM and Bob Boughner as coach and the Saint John Sea Dogs have Gerald Gallant as their coach.

Does it mean anything? I think so as I have been fans of both the Hitmen and the Spitfires due to covering the Ranger prospects. Both franchises have built themselves into strong winning programs from the ground up which is why every season you see both teams in playoff contention.

It is a lesson the Rangers ever so badly need to learn.

(McDonagh courtesy of the Wisconsin Badgers)


ElroyDockins03 said...

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dbmaven said...

First and foremost - Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a great one! :-)

What do you make of the Larry Brooks "report" about McDonagh??

Brooks has certainly be guilty of ridiculous speculation in the past, which is what I see this as.


Amos said...

yeah i can't imagine why larry brooks thinks that he more than likely won't sign if he doesn't this summer. i can't imagine that he's in any way contacted mcdonough, so whatever...