Saturday, June 26, 2010

Take a Leap of Faith People

You don't trust Glen Sather to make the right moves? You feel that the Dolans can not run a drive thru at McDonalds?

Not going to argue with you as those are understandable truths for Ranger fans. But as much as you are hesitant to like this year's year draft class at the same time you can say there is just as much room to think this could turn out well.

Christian Thomas (2nd 40th)
is a player I can understand why people might not like cause I did not like it. Forget who his father is, forget his goals and realize that he gives Ryan Bourque someone he is taller than.

Yes he scored goals but one of the areas the Rangers did get away from was drafting players from winning programs. Brad Ross of the Portland Winterhawks would have been a much better pick as he may not be all that much bigger but Ross is a Sean Avery clone with better hands and ton more offense.

Andrew Yogan (4th 100) on the other hand was an excellent pick that could become a steal. Yogan plays in Erie for the Otters and  is a huge power forward at 6'3 200. 25 goals in 63 games is nice but 6 of them were game winners.

What does not show up on the stat page is that when Yogan is in the lineup he makes everyone on the ice better. It is a very big difference maker when you have a wide body who is attracting attention from the other team.

Jason Wilson (5th 130) is another gamble as he only played 46 games for Owen Sound but when he played he put up good numbers (17-18-35 101 PIMS). If he can stay healthy then he might turn into something but the less he plays then the harder it will be to view him as a real prospect.

Playing in Owen Sound is also not a confidence builder for us as Owen Sound has been a mess the last couple of years. Hard to think high on players who are not from winning programs so we reserve judgment as Wilson is a teammate of 2009 5th rounder Scott Stajcer.

Jesper Fasth (6th 137) is a 5'11 Swedish forward with very little accurate info for us to use. The Rangers call him an offensive weapon but our experience with Swedish players these days gives us some hope.

Swedish prospects are well versed in the fundamentals and from what little we have seen; a comparison to Carl Hagelin springs to mind. Fasth we have been told is under contract HV 71 for the next 2 seasons.

Randy McNaught (7th 190) is a pick that we are not going to like because of if the Rangers were going to gamble on using a 7th rounder than you use this pick on Mac Carruth who the Chicago Blackhawks used the very next pick on.

Why you use this pick on a guy who is going to be 20 and has been nothing more than a WHL goon? At least if you used the pick on the Winterhawk goalie Carruth then you are gambling on a 18 year old goalie who is expected to be starting on what should be a very good Portland team.

Bobby Sanguinetti was sent packing by the Rangers to the Carolina Hurricanes in a deal that got back a 6th round pick this season and a 2nd next year. There is only one thing that really matters he did not make it as a Ranger and that makes this another black eye on the developmental process of the Rangers.

Why he did not make it can be argued whether it was a bad pick to begin with or that the Rangers just failed to develop him properly. In any case all that this does is further fuel the argument that the Rangers are still failing to develop their own prospects. 

Giving up on Sanguinetti after 2 seasons in Hartford gives the Rangers a nice shiny black eye
(Images courtesy Aaron Bell/CHL Images)

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Nat Loh said...

what can you tell us about McNaught? He's a goon but can he skate, forecheck, play defense? anything other than punch heads? Colton Orr was not much to look at in his junior days but he was able to muster up somewhat of a NHL career.