Thursday, July 8, 2010

Answers We Really Are Not Going To Like

Our good friend Puckcentral wrote this in the comment section of our last update:

I think I must still be in the minority on this issue, I just can't see Sather sending Redden to Hartford. Do I hope he does, certainly. But I still don't think it's realistically going to happen.

Sadly I am also of the same mindset as when I look at the Ranger roster and what is available as of today among the prospects; there is no replacement for Wade Redden and the Rangers just might be forced to carry him.

It is interesting to note that the Rangers added back the names of Dan Giradi and Marc Staal to the team roster since our last update. Adding the 2 Restricted Free Agents gives the Rangers exactly 6 defensemen.

Leatherneck asked:

What about resigning (Corey) Potter?

Potter is an Unrestricted Free Agent and all reports say he will sign elsewhere mainly because he does not see the Rangers as giving him a real shot at the NHL. Potter who many feel earned a roster spot with the Rangers 2 seasons ago has been bypassed when he really should have been the team's 7th defenseman.

My choices are
Staal - Girardi
MDZ - Rosi
McDonagh - Sauer
Gilroy as 7th D / forward a la Strudwick was

No argument over Staal with Girardi as that is a solid pairing but I would put Micheal Del Zotto with Ryan McDonagh over pairing him with Rozsival even if McDonagh was playing with a broken leg.

Michael Sauer is coming off yet another injury but even if he was healthy; it is very hard to believe that John Tortorella would use him after dismissing him in a classless manner 2 seasons ago.

Using Gilroy as a "Strudwick" is a great idea but that can only happen if the Rangers can find at least 2 more defensemen to replace both Gilroy as well as Wade Redden. Myself I am praying that Sam Klassen can make a huge leap in his development and make the jump to the NHL.

It is a monster of a longshot but a Ranger lineup featuring 2 solid heavy hitting defensemen (Klassen and McDonagh) would go a long way in transforming a suspect Ranger defense into one that will keep people's heads up.

Under no circumstances should Redden be given a roster spot and its time to grow our own. I am saying as a fan it is OK that we wont be a playoff pretender for a year or two and let our kids grow and mature as a unit and be Stanley Cup contenders...It is time to let our kids develop.

No argument here but there sadly are way too many Ranger fans out there who still are willing to settle for making the playoffs even as an 8th seed. That is what the Rangers shoot for and as bad as many of us realize that goal is then nothing will change.

Elroy said:

Per capGeek and NHLSCAP, Williams has another year on existing pact.

The Rangers know what kind of disaster Nigel Williams is and why Colorado gave up on him so fast. They saw what kind of mistake Williams was as a first round pick and Williams himself played his way down the depth chart.

He, Dowzak and Valentenko are 22. Isn't it too soon to write them off?

Dowzak sadly just does not seem to understand that his best hope of making it to the NHL is to get max use out of his 6'5 frame. Dowzak is going to have to improve greatly just to make an ECHL team.

Valentenko it is hard to get excited about a prospect who bolted out of his contract rather than report to the AHL. It is hard to get excited about someone who is only returning to North America is it is the only real option he has.

It is really hard to get excited about a player who was bought out of his contract by a KHL team who said he was not worth the money. Valentenko is the Russian version of Wade Redden; just not worth the money.

Or aren't JJ (and Schoeny) providing the effective D coaching that WolfPack press always claim? Girardi is the only D really a product of the Rangers pro system...

Neither of the 2 can claim Girardi as one of the players they developed as Tom Renney is the one who fought to have Girardi signed. That no Ranger defenseman has made it to the the Rangers from Hartford since Girardi ought to answer that question.

(Redden courtesy of the New York Rangers)


Amos said...

valetenko's contract was bought out by moscow dynamo because the team folded. EVERYONE's contract was bought out. in this case, i don't think it's actually a criticism of his play or character.

Jess Rubenstein said...

That nobody in the KHL made any attempt to sign Valentenko ought to say something.

That the original statement reported on the team's web site said that the club could not "afford to play THAT player such money" is a criticism of him.