Friday, August 20, 2010

Making Up My Own Rumors

Back in 2004 when I first started to write about the New York Ranger prospects getting people accept me was a very interesting situation at times. If I told someone that I was wanting do something as a writer for the Blueshirt Bulletin then I had very little trouble opening doors anywhere in North America.

But if I tried just about anything back then saying I was blogging at Prospect Park then doors would slam not just be shut in my face. A mass murderer would have an easier time gaining access back then a blogger does.

Fast Forward to today and while is has been a long haul and some frustrating times; I am accepted as both the member of the Mainstream Media as well as a Blogger. I bring this up because sadly an independent blogger still has a lot of trouble gaining credentials and well as credibility in the writing world.

I mention this because it is frustrating to see all these (cough, cough) reliable rumors that are posted on the web by those who want to claim they are legitimate sources of information. Anyone who has ever served in the armed forces will tell you that "rumor control is 99% bullpoopy".

I hate rumors because I see how they affect those involved; for the player it is part of the business of the game but for their families it is a source of anxiety as well as frustration. Do you know that Brandon Dubinsky has been mentioned in trade rumors since the first time he stepped on the ice as a Ranger?

Yet nobody has a good rumor that Wade Redden is going to be traded and that is the one who we want to see go. My own policy here is that I would rather just not post anything if I can not get anything independently confirmed by 3 different sources.

Right now the really good rumors is that Marc Staal is going to be traded if he is not signed by opening night. That in turn leads to this one as because said holdout that 2010 1st round pick Dylan McIlrath is going to get a long look as a replacement for Staal.

Oh please people get real; I feel so bad for McIlrath as when people are not trashing the pick now they say he is going to make the team out of training camp. "The Undertaker" as McIlrath is known as must be wondering what he is getting himself into as part of the Ranger Universe.

It is sad how many people go around passing along rumors that they really have to know are not true. When I was writing for Ranger Fan Central, I watched as several suggestions I would make wind up on somebody else's webpage as a reliable rumor.

Maybe that is my mistake as I could drive up the traffic here if I decided to pass along some of the rumors I hear on an almost daily basis. I bet you if I tried I could make up rumors that are not only believable but will spread across the web like wildfire.

Maybe I can start one about Wade Redden retiring instead of accepting a possible demotion to Hartford? You know that one would be really popular among Ranger fans.

How about one where Glen Sather hands over the day to day operations as Ranger GM to Mark Messier while just remaining as Team President? Think that one will get the various forums going?

Hey about a trade for you to play with? The Rangers sending Brandon Dubinsky (oh I just know Daddy Dubinsky will be emailing me now), Artem Anisimov, Derek Stepan, Michal Rozsival and the 2011 1st round pick to Calgary for Jarome Iginla, Cory Sarich and Kris Chucko.

Why not since Dubi is always the subject of rumors and Ranger fans have been begging for Iginla since he was born? Have some fun and say that Iginla wants out of Calgary because the Sutters drive him nuts as well as the Flames are 2.4 million over the cap.

When you look at the list of places that I list as places for you to go read, then notice who is not on the list and one of the big reasons why is because they hurt the cause of hard working bloggers.

Eric McErlain has been one of the leading responsible bloggers out there and if you are even considering blogging yourself then please read McErlain's Guidelines for Granting Media Credentials to Bloggers and Other Online Media Representatives

In fact even if you are not wanting to blog or become a member of the Online Media read those guidelines and ask yourself if the person you are reading would behave in accordance to those guidelines. I can tell you from first hand experience that if you look at my blogroll that those people who I follow do or they are not listed.

Just some food for thought when you are looking at some of the stuff people are posting on the web.


Website Update

Well progress has been as slow as watching paint dry but after the last mess; the decision is to get it right and looking like it is something that you will come read every day before opening it up.

Many thanks to Eddie Kane 150, Cathy Bytes and NYRanger Reality for their help in this construction mess. So far the only thing not to like about using Wordpress is how much spam attempts to get though.


How Foolish Some People Are

I have never hidden that I look for any excuse to attend a Portland Winterhawk game for more than pure logistical reasons (I live 109 miles from Portland so I get to sleep in my own bed instead of a hotel).

Now I also am an admirer of the new Portland Winterhawk front office for the work they have done to reverse the devastation of the previous ownership. The 2010-11 Winterhawks are a very legit contender for the WHL championship thanks to the efforts of a lot of people.

Yet they play in an arena that badly needs repairs and the City of Portland is not doing anything to get this arena into better shape for the hockey season. And if the City of Portland does not wake up fast then a tradition of hockey that dates back as further than even the New York Rangers.

From Wikipedia:

Portland's first professional sports team was the Portland Rosebuds. Not only were the Rosebuds the first professional sports team in Oregon, they were the first professional hockey team in the U.S. They joined the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in 1914. They were the first U.S. team to play for the Stanley Cup (in 1916, against the Montreal Canadiens).

But the City of Portland is dragging their feet and come 2013 could see the Winterhawks playing elsewhere as reported here. Nobody will win there expect the people who get a rebuilt franchise that will contend for the next several years.

(McIlrath courtesy of the New York Rangers)


Ed said...


The reason mainstream media gets more respect is there is at leats a little vetting process for MSM.

What is to prevent me from writing a hockey blog?

Answer: zero.

I do not know hockey nearly as well as you do. But I am technically adept enough to put up a web log.

Most MSM would at least check my hockey knowledge enough to see if they would accept me. Blogs, the bar is set very low.


Jess Rubenstein said...

At the big city level that statement is true Ed. But I can not count how many times I have been to places where the local media was either (a)clueless about hockey, (b)viewed being assigned to cover hockey as a punishment or (c) embarrassing the rest of the press box by making sure that they did not want to be there.

Now while I am not saying the door needs to be held wide open for bloggers; some of the best hockey coverage many of those same teams receive comes from the blogger/fan.

Yes anyone can start up a blog but that is why I agree that the McErlain guidelines should be used to decide whether a blogger deserves credentials.

I do need to thank those MSM reporters that I listed because they helped me build up my credibility as a serious reporter. When I was with those guys and asking the coaches pre or post game questions; those coaches were quicker to respond to my questions as well as accepted this "blogger".

The bar is set low for bloggers but MSM is not so bright themselves at times.