Saturday, November 6, 2010

It Is A Saturday Night And Nobody Wants to Party

Remember the days when you went out to parties on a Saturday night, there were plenty of people but nothing really happened? Well welcome to the Saturday night of the New York Rangers and New York Islanders prospects.

If you go by just stats then you will find reasons to think people played well but quite honestly nobody stood out enough to earn a star. Maybe we are getting picky having so many different players to watch but not one person said any prospect stood out and we are not going to give out a star just because.

For the Ranger prospects, Ethan Werek had a shootout goal and Max Campbell continued his climb back from the prospect graveyard. The Rangers had 10 prospects in uniform but like we said nobody stood out.

The Ranger report is right here

For the Islanders the more we get to watch Anders Lee of Notre Dame the more we really like this prospects. Nothing is better than a 6th round prospect making themselves into legit NHL prospects like we are watching Lee do.

Brock Nelson the "other" 2010 1st round pick of the Islanders scored his first goal of the season while Nino Niederreiter may not be scoring a ton but unlike the Islanders he is playing on a team that is winning.

Actually since we felt the decision to send Nino back to Portland was the wrong one then we do not feel bad in pointing out that the Islanders are 0-5 since demoting Nino. Nino and his Winterhawks are 4-0 since he returned.

The Islander report is right here

(Images: Werek/Aaron Bell/OHL Images, Lee/ New York Islanders)

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