Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus Is A Hockey Player

It is Christmas Eve and it does not matter what religion  you follow or if you follow; it is a time that really should not happen just one day a year but every day.

Santa Claus is about the spirit of giving and if you look around then you see that hockey is as much Santa Claus as Santa Claus is hockey.

It is all over North America where the gift of giving comes from hockey players, hockey teams and hockey fans. Hockey is about not just one day a year of giving but a whole season's worth.

It is a bunch of ladies in the Boston area known as the Chix w/ Stix who take on the Boston Bruin Alumni to raise money for cancer research. It is the Western Michigan Broncos who hold their "Hockey Cares" weekend annually to raise money also to fight cancer.

It is the Rangers holding Casino Night, it is Dylan McIlrath at a McDonalds hanging out with a bunch of kids, it is Roman Horak and his Chilliwack Bruins who are for the most part students themselves going to local schools to encourage younger kids to read. 

It is the awesome event known as the "Teddy Bear Toss" where teams all over North America do their part to make sure that children have a Christmas present. From the Teddy Bear kings in Calgary (over 23,000 bears this year) to teams in the USHL, NCAA and other levels where the game's first home team goal results in well the following:

It is the Memorial Cup which honors Canada's veterans, it is Adam Graves who never turned down a request to help raise money for one cause or another. While people are opening presents on Saturday, it is hockey that keeps giving all year long.

Hockey is food drives, blood drives, haircuts at center ice to raise money and Toque Tosses. When the saying "It is better to give than receive" was first coined odds are it was said at a hockey game.

Ho Ho Ho

(Santa Claus courtesy of the North Pole Reindeers)

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