Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

While Evgeny Nabokov is saying that he does not want to become a New York Islander, we saw plenty of good stuff from those prospects who do want to become Islanders.

To be really honest, Nabokov is doing the Islanders a favor by refusing to report as this is the time of the year where the Islanders would be better served by playing goalies who will have a real impact on their future instead of a "one stop rental" who wants to be a starter.

Really Nabokov should be happy that somebody wants him as he priced himself out of the NHL over the summer and is lucky to be getting any kind of second chance.

But the Islanders do have prospects like a Anders Lee and Jason Gregoire, both of whom scored game winning goals for their respective teams. Go young Islanders as you have nothing to lose by playing the kids now.

The Islander report is right here

The Rangers on the other hand appear to have learned their lesson (actually truth be told it was forced on them) and are giving their kids a chance to grow into their roles today. It will pay dividends in the future when the younger Rangers are battle tested and ready for the tougher games.

Even better is tomorrow's Rangers are playing well as they are helping their teams secure playoff spots. The Ranger prospects continued their solid play. Their report can be found here


I am going to apologize in advance for how this blog is looking as of late, I am dealing with a personal health issue that is making writing a whole lot harder with each passing day. I am hoping that the road to recovery is just as fast as the manner in which this injury is knocking me over with.

(Lee/New York Islanders)

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