Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tweaking Tuesday

Only one prospect was in action on Tuesday and that was New York Islander prospect Kirill Kabanov (NYI 2010 3rd) as his Lewiston Maineaics took on the Montreal Junior. It was a morning game but someone forgot to wake the Maineaics up.
The Junior scored 4 first period goals and then hung on for a 5-3 win. Kabanov actually played a decent game scoring the Maineaic's first goal then setting up their 3rd goal. 

Kabanov took 5 shots with 4 of them being good scoring chances. While Kabanov improves to 8-11-19 on the season what we are still waiting to see is for him to put together a string of games like this one.

Kabanov is still suffering from inconsistent play and if Lewiston wants to go anywhere in the QMJHL playoffs they need Kabanov to find consistency.


The latest on Dylan McIlrath (NYR 2010 1st) latest knee injury is that there is nothing really new coming from the Moose Jaw Warriors. McIlrath who missed one game is listed as "day to day" with a lower body injury.

With the Warriors set to face the WHL Eastern Conference leading Saskatoon Blades on Wednesday with a 3 game losing streak so they will need McIlrath in the lineup. The skinny is that it is just a "tweak" of the knee but if he does not play on Wednesday it will be more than just a "tweak"


Food for thought for New York Ranger fans, if you are unhappy at Chris Drury with his 7 million dollar cap hit and unhappy with the lack of production from Marian Gaborik with his 7.5 million dollar cap hit then how long will it take before you are unhappy with Brad Richards when he has an 8.5 million dollar cap hit.

Richard is making 7.8 million this season, going to be the high priced free agent during the off-season so really now do you really want to get locked into another 5 year no movement clause deal?

If you say things would be different as Richards would not be like the other free agents then please remember that you also thought that Drury would be different, that you thought Gaborik would be different. 

In fact every time the Rangers have signed a big contract free agent the first thing Ranger fans say to justify the move is that this free agent will be different.

Winston Churchill once said "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it."

Who knew he was going to be talking about Ranger free agent signings 

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Thane said...

Jess I sure hope Dylan McIlrath (NYR 2010 1st) works out for the Rangers. I thought Cam Fowler should have been the pick. Especially after watching him win the gold medal for team USA at the world juniors U18 tournament. Now that he made an appearence at the all star game, it makes one wonder.
I can't stop thinking that the Rangers could have taken Zach Parise. My all time favorie hockey player out of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. (Toews and Oshie also on that list)
I wonder who made the mistake on both of those picks?