Saturday, April 16, 2011

Be Careful Of What You Ask For

What the hell has happened to the New York Ranger fans? To look all over and see so many already raising the white flag saying the season is over is embarrassing to say the least. Oh wow the Rangers are trailing the Capitals 2-0 in their playoff series so the sky is falling and the world is doomed.

Please do not even think of bothering me with any excuses as to why you are jumping ship or telling me that you have the right to. It is about having faith and daring to dream about the impossible

You wanted this team in the playoffs, you jumped for joy when Tampa whipped on Carolina and backed the Rangers into the playoffs.

Now you want to jump off the cliff because 2 games in, the sky is falling and the Rangers in your eyes are doomed. Give me a break cause you have no idea what it is to see the sky fall in on your hopes and dreams.

Seriously if this is hurting your feelings then forgive me for laughing at you; no check that boo freaking who already. To read what my friend Jim over the the Blueshirt Banter wrote about reports that Ranger fans were selling their tickets for Sunday's game is a sad low.

Really? No really selling tickets to a Ranger playoff game 2 games into the series is a joke. When did Ranger fans become Capital or Penguin fans? You know the type that are only there when the team is winning and gone in a second when their team is losing.

Why then did you want to see this team to make the playoffs? Better yet were you expecting the Rangers to roll into Washington as the 8th seed and run all over them? Hello Reality is calling on line 1.

I mean if you had that little faith in the team then wouldn't have been better to miss the playoffs and gotten a better first round pick? How embarrassing to see the whining and sniveling going on just because the Rangers are down 2-0.

This new age of wanting "instant everything yesterday" is really lame because those of you who have jumped off the bandwagon never would have survived the Rangers from the 1950's until the 1990's. You never would have survived having to hear the taunts of "1940" that Ranger fans had to put up with.

You never would have handled Bobby Orr breaking your heart in 1972 when you really thought the Rangers were going to win it all. You never would have handled "the Dale Rolfe moment" and the embarrassment that came with it.

Imagine how you would have handled JD's groin against the Canadians in 1979 when the Rangers almost pulled off the impossible coming out of nowhere to make the NHL finals.

It would be easy to understand if the Rangers had been blown out in the first 2 games but they were not. This series could just as well be 1-1 as it is 2-0 and even the Capitals know it.

So if the Rangers actually do win Game 3 then what you will jump back on board? Spare the rest of us and don't because Ranger fans do not run and hide when things go south.

You can make all the excuses but you wanted a playoff team and you got one for better or worse. Amazing how this team which has had the same problems all season long and did you actually think just because they made the playoffs that they would go away?

I did not believe this team would make the playoffs but they did and since they are here why not close your eyes, jump off the cliff with the rest of us and dare to dream?

Any other city and you can play bandwagon rider but not New York cause it is a place where the impossible does happen. It is the place where 100 to 1 shots that never finished better than 9th can win a World Series.

It is a place where a guy can barely limp onto a basketball court, hit 2 shots, win the championship while becoming a legend. It is a place where a guy can hit 3 straight pitches in 3 straight at bats out of the park 3 straight times while singlehandedly win a World Series in one of the greatest individual performances ever.

It is a place where a captain can guarantee a win then go right out to make sure it happens. Or it is about some unknown 3rd liner coming out from behind the net in overtime, stuffing it home and become forever one of the greatest moments in Ranger history.

So you go right ahead and run away, stick a fork in the team you claim is yours and write them off.  They just might get swept or they might return the favor of a couple of years ago when they led 2-0 only to lose the series in 7 games.

But until then either have some faith and dream or please go away and don't come back.

(Ranger logo courtesy of the New York Rangers)

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