Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here's Your Sign Bruce

Please can someone explain to me what in the world possessed Bruce Boudreau to think that pissing off New York Ranger fans would be a good idea?

I am a big fan of comedian Bill Engvall and his "Here's Your Sign" bit. Engvall says  that stupid people should be given signs that warn the rest of us that they are stupid so we are ready for them when they do something stupid.

Bruce Boudreau here is your very own "I love New York" sign for you to wear on Wednesday night. Messing with the Garden was just so dumb an idea.

What in the world was he thinking in trashing Madison Square Garden? Oh Ranger fans are smart enough to realize that what his real goal was to get the focus on him rather than why his Washington Capitals were having so much trouble with the Rangers.

What Boudreau is hoping is that Capital fans as well as the media will talk about him rather than talking about how his top seeded Capitals are having a rougher go at beating the 8th seeded Rangers that backed into the playoffs.

See Bruce knows that Capitals escaped Game 1 with their overtime win; he knows that no matter how hard his team tried that as badly as the Rangers played the Capitals could not pull away in Game 2. Now after losing Game 3, Boudreau knows his team could wind up all tied up after game 4.

But calling Madison Square Garden a horrible place was as dumb an idea as you could get.
Saying that the Verizon Center was louder than Madison Square Garden is a personal insult to Ranger fans.

While Ranger fans were fighting among themselves about fan loyalty along comes Bruce Boudreau saying the one thing that is going to unite Ranger fans. Hasn't anyone ever told you that it is better to let sleeping dogs just lie there?

You like most outsiders do not realize that Ranger fans know all about what is wrong with Madison Square Garden in fact we know better than you since it is our house. But what your mistake was basically begging Ranger fans to bring the noise.

Bruce you are talking about the fans who chant "Potvin Sucks" almost 40 years after Potvin first pissed Ranger fans. The same fans that ESPN used to bring decibel meters to measure how loud the Ranger fans could get.

Ranger fans were the original fans to drown out the National Anthem; they are the ones who like to see how much they can make the building shake then get louder to see if they can get it to move more.

If there ever was a Ranger team that could really use the fans rocking the Garden it is this one. Until now most did not have any reason to get loud but now they do thanks to you Bruce.

Thanks for the boost because you really did not do your homework there bud. You should have said something about Glen Sather or John Tortorella as not many really would have cared.

There were so many other things for you to use but you picked on our house, our ugly old house. It is not pretty but it is ours and nobody gets to trash it other than us.

You should have waited until you were heading back to DC for Game 5 before yapping about the Garden. The Rangers struggle at home and play better on the road so thanks for the assist.

Here's your sign Bruce and thanks for the assist.

(Image- if we tell you who and where the sign is from then we just know Bruce and his Capitals will drive out there just to see how sharp the sign is)

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