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Peterborough Petes Pelino Picked a Peter

(Our friends at Blogger with their little improvements shut the place down all night last night thanks guys)Go ahead New York Ranger fans I dare you no I double dare you to say the title of this post 5 times fast with no breaks. Yes I know the title is weak but one at times can not help going with the silly.

The Peterborough Petes of the OHL selected Peter Ceresnak with the 4th overall pick in the CHL Import Draft which was held on Wednesday. Ceresnak was the Ranger's 6th round pick in the 2011 NHL Draft.

Ceresnak is a 6'3 defender from Slovakia and while it was expected that someone who pick him; the Petes were not the ones who we thought would take him. But with Glen Sather no longer a part owner of the former Chilliwack Bruins of the WHL; it was hard to see where Ceresnak would land until we remembered who coaches the Petes.

Hello Mike Pelino former Ranger assistant coach under Tom Renney and now in his second year with the Petes. Now before anyone thinks otherwise, the Rangers are going to get the better end of this baragain.

While Ranger fans only know Pelino as one of Tom Renney's assistants it is a much different story at the junior level. When it comes to the junior level Pelino is a winner as on his resume is 1 World Under-20 Championship, a World Under-18 Championship, and all together Pelino has been a part of 11 Gold Medal teams in his coaching career.

Ceresnak is in very good hands here with Pelino as his coach as he will see a lot of ice time for the Petes. The Petes missed the OHL playoffs last season by 3 points will have one of the bigger blueline corps in the OHL thanks to the addition of Ceresnack (Sir-ez-nack).

Here is what Pete's General Manager Dave Reid had to say about Ceresnak:

“Peter will fit very well into our defensive group, along with excellent skills Peter brings international experience which will allow him adjust to the OHL quicker than most first year players”

Like we said the Rangers will be getting the better end of the deal here as Pelino will do a very good job preparing Ceresnak for a shot at the NHL. Because the Rangers selected Ceresnak before the CHL Import Draft then Ceresnak will be eligible to play for the CT Whale before he turns 20.

The New York Islanders did not see any of their prospects selected in this year's Import Draft.

Chris Drury

It is always a shame when a player who like him or not is leaving on bad terms. Yes his play declined but why is anyone shocked as Father Time is cruel when he decides that is it.

It is always the guys who play the power game who seem to age faster than the other positions. The wear and tear on the body just catches up to those who made their living in the slot/crease area faster and in a way crueler as it is very noticeable.

If you are going to put the badmouth on Drury for not retiring then you are in the wrong as how would you like me to walk into where you work and say you are not worth what I am paying you so get out?

That is what in essence a buyout is, a kick to a player's pride to have the whole world know that he is no longer wanted. If you were angry over his contract then where were you when it was signed.

Sorry but when Chris Drury was signed there was next to no protest as the majority of Ranger fans were happy to have the guy who scored the goal that in effect sucked the life out of the Rangers

It is hard enough playing for the Rangers as your popularity can disappear in a flash but being a Ranger captain while so many remember Mark Messier is even worse. The shadow of Messier still casts a long way even today.

Brian Leetch did not measure up as a Ranger captain nor did Jagr and odds are no matter what you say today about the expected replacement Ryan Callahan that he too will eventually not measure up.

But what is of course more frustrating is how quickly Ranger fans are eager to spend that money that has been freed up on Brad Richards. How so many are sitting there swearing that Richards will be different that what went wrong with Drury will not happen again.

Of course every time that the Ranger fans get the player they want that is the party line but every year we go through this argument as the newest "he is not going to be anything like" will always be better than the previous one.

And next year we will hear the argument that the Rangers need to sign (insert name here) in order to give Richards the kind of player he needs for him to be effective. And in 2013 the fans will be demanding that Gaborik be exiled in order for the Rangers to sign the newest "he is not going to be anything like."

But look here it is 2014 and now Brad Richards is 34 and has finally fallen in disfavor. "Why did Sather give him that contract?" will be the cry from the Ranger fans.

One day I really hope to see when Ranger fans learn the lesson of "It is not how much you spend but how well you spend it."

On Friday when free agency opens up please be serious if you think Brad Richards who is going to have 3 different teams bidding on him is going to take a 2 million dollar pay cut.

Why should he after all he is your choice, he is the player who you believe is going to fix Marian Gaborik; he is the player who is going to put up 70 points and he is the player who is not going to become another Chris Drury.

If Richards is not then before you blame either player or the Rangers make sure you include yourself in that list. You wanted him so be careful what you ask for as you might not like it.

Oh and before you say I am anti-Richards; I will repeat what I have been saying all along. It is not Richards but the kind of contract he gets as he can say all the cute things he wants but he wants his money first.

If Richards truly wanted the Cup as bad as he claims then why not take a 3 year deal? If he is going to be that good then why not prove it by being as good in 2013-14 as people will expect in 2011-12.

Sorry but to me when you give someone any kind of deal where it is for 5+ years with a no-trade or no-movement clause then you take away any incentive for that player to work hard. If he knows that his role on the team is guaranteed then he has no incentive to work hard since he knows he is going to get his money.

Mark these words as come next summer when Gary Bettman cries poverty over all the teams losing money because of these contracts; it will be his excuse to shut down the NHL once again. 

(Ceresnak courtesy of the New York Rangers)

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