Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24th With A Bullet

Thank You Thank You Thank You

When I got the word that Prospect Park had a record month I have to admit I was not expecting it to be like this:

Hi and congratulations!

I am Florian from Wikio and your blog
The Prospect Park progressed well in Wikio’s Top Blogs Ranking. So you are in the top 30 for next month’s ranking in your category.

Wikio is an information portal with a search engine that looks up press websites and blogs. At the start of each month we release a blog ranking on our site www.wikio.com

What I was not expecting to see was who listed was in their hockey category

1Kukla's Korner
2On the Forecheck
3Japers' Rink
4The Hockey Writers
5Hockey's Future
6Red Light District
7Nucks Misconduct
8Raw Charge
9The Blueshirts Blog
10Canucks Hockey Blog
11Western College Hockey Blog
12Slap Shot
14Preds On The Glass
15Canes Country
16On the Wings
17Illegal Curve
18Die By The Blade
19On Frozen Blog
20Mile High Hockey
21Five For Howling
22Section 303
23St. Louis Game Time
24The Prospect Park
25Hockey From the Cheap Seats
27Greatest Hockey Legends.com
28Goon's World
30Faceoff Factor

Ranking made by Wikio

To be included in this list of some of the very best hockey blogs is an honor that I really am blown away by. But I am not here without some serious support.

When I say that the Prospect Park is not the work of just one person that it is a team effort of people who love hockey it is not just a saying. Over the years and even today so many people work hard to make sure that the information you read here is timely.

Excuse me but I need to say Thank you to

Paul Krotz (CHL/OHL), Karl Janhnke (QMJHL), Corey Flett (WHL), Dino, Brendan and John of the New York Rangers Media Relations, Kimber of the New York Islanders Media Relations, Jim, Eddie and the folks of Blueshirt Banter Radio, Neate Sager and his team of BuzzingtheNet, Bruce Berlet (CT Whale), Gregg Drinnan of Taking Note, The people of the CCHA, WCHA and Hockey East, Ray Schmidt of Greenville.

The unsung heroes who go above and beyond like Marnel of Moose Jaw, Aaron Bell who's CHL/OHL images appear here, Brent of Owen Sound, Matthew of CapGeek, Matt of Michigan, Tim of Boston College, Adam of WMU, Graham, Andy, Todd and the folks of the Portland Winterhawks.

Kevin, John, and Dan of the Blueshirt Bulletin, Andrew Gross and Jesse Spector, Yardbarker, the folks who supply me with images like Melody, Dennis and Katherine, and the teams that make up the 3 CHL leagues.

My peers in the blogging world like Kevin, Michael, Hockey Fights, Margret, Eric, Nathan and those you see listed on my blog rolls, Eddie, Ray, Erica and those who always pass the word on this place.

My Facebook and twitter friends,and those who I beg forgiveness if I do not mention here but this is why I have the information I get. Thank you to the people who never get noticed like the ushers, off-ice personnel and the people who check IDs at the entrances.

And this may sound strange but yes thank you to those of you who don't like me as you force me to work harder. Never going to please everyone but I do read your criticisms because it reminds me that I am very far from perfect and never will be.

I am here today because of Dubi Silverstein who is never ever going to get his proper due for changing the way coverage of Ranger prospects is today but in 2004 he did. It was Dubi's vision who opened this door for me. In turn it was people like Gordie Clark, Tom Renney, and the best teacher one could ever ask for in the late EJ McGuire who took the time to talk to me.

There are those who sit in the stands every night trying to find the next NHL player and without them there is no NHL or any other league. Scouts are the least appreciated people in hockey but in my book they work harder than anyone else.

My wife Colleen who has put up with this madness and shakes her head a lot when I am talking about some kid. She only gets to attend 2 games a year if she is lucky but does not complain when I live on the computer.

Then the most important people of them; all those we call prospects as they are who chase that dream of becoming NHL players. They are so young when they start but every year they remind me that the biggest challenge comes from the heart.

And it comes from my heart when I say Thank you to all of you who read this.


Kmp said...

Congrats Jess.

Enjoy your site keep up the good work.

Jess Rubenstein said...

Thanks KMP