Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picky Strange And More

The strangest part about writing about either the New York Rangers or New York Islanders is the extremes some people go to about what is written.

For those of you who do not like this image of Dubinsky then please direct your blame to the New York Rangers not us. Images used here are from the source so we can not just use any image that we wish.

Poor Dubinsky as he has been labeled a bunch of things but taking a lousy picture just might be the lowest of the low. If you do not like this image of him then how about this old one from his days with the Portland Winterhawks?

There are times when one wonders if Ranger fans just like to find things to argue over. If for not other reason but for our sanity then we are praying for a Stanley Cup run next season.

There are way too many Ranger fans with time on there hands as there have been some really silly arguments over things this summer. And no sooner then I mentioned that only a Cup run would prevent a lot of the arguments when someone pointed out that Ranger fans would argue over the order of who got to hold the cup.

Then there was the gentleman on Twitter who feels that if Nassau County voters reject the August 1st vote that New York City should step in and build an arena for the Islanders on the old Shea Stadium site.

He was not happy when I suggested that if the voters in Nassau County reject a 2nd attempt to build an arena that Charle Wang could consider relocation or selling the team to someone who would move the team.

I can understand being upset about the idea of losing a team because I have watched 3 teams that never should have been moved taken from their fans so I do have some sympathy for his feelings.

That being said how many times do you ask people to support a new arena before saying enough is enough? Charles Wang has spent a lot of his own money trying to get a new arena for his franchise.

If the voters in Nassau County do not realize what they are saying no to then Wang should have the right to relocate (which he has hinted at) when his lease on Long Island expires.

No Ranger fan really should want to see their true rivals move which is why we support the efforts of Islander fans to get the vote out. Daniel Friedman who writes about the Islander at NYI Faceoff Circle made a really heartfelt plea for support for the arena.

But if the vote fails then asking the people of New York City to build a replacement is a non-starter. Let the Islanders move into the Brooklyn built Barclay Center is a much better option then adding a 3rd arena in New York City.

It is not about being mean or cruel but about the realities of life in today's world. If Nassau County does not want you then why expect the taxpayers of New York City to?

As much as Ranger fans dislike the Dolans they can not complain that the Dolans are spending their own money to renovate Madison Square Garden. At the same time it would be very understandable for the Dolans to object to seeing New York City pay for an arena for a team they compete against.

Again not wanting to see the vote fail but should it then it would be unfair to deny Charles Wang the ability to move the Islanders when he has been rejected for a new arena yet again.

The Swedish Chef

We send a stick tap over to Michael Gieich for posting that Carl Hagelin was voted as the Clutch Performance of the Year by the Michigan Wolverines. They really should just rename the award the "Carl Hagelin I did it again" because get used to these kinds of performances from the Swedish Chef.

This 2 goal performance against Western Michigan was just too sweet not to like

This however was our moment of the season when Hagelin in front of over 100,000 fans owned the "Big Chill"

But if you want a stealth prospect to keep an eye on then here is Max Campbell of Western Michigan who showed he can score a big goal too.

While Hagelin is the Clutch Performer, Max Campbell was the Comeback Performer.

Just 51 shopping days until the Ranger Prospects report for Traverse City.

(Dubinsky courtesy of New York Rangers and Portland Winterhawks, All video courtesy of the CCHA)

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