Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 2011 Twitter List

On a very slow day, our good friend Kevin Baumer who works with us at the Blueshirt Bulletin put out the early 2011 New York Ranger Player/Media/Blogger twitter list. It was a great job by Kevin who has been a great addition to the Blueshirt Bulletin staff.

We "borrowed" this list and plan on expanding it to try to include as many people as we can. Our first page is going to be the list of Ranger/Prospect players who are on twitter as well as the media and bloggers.

Our second version is going to be those who cover hockey whether they are on the national level, just cover a specific NHL team or the Juniors or NCAA. Now the other lists have not been created yet but we will need your help.

We would like to start a Ranger fan twitter list as well as one for the Islander fans as well. If you wish to be included then either drop us an email or leave your name in the comment area.

Now if you have not been following Kevin's work at the Blueshirt Bulletin then you are missing out on one of the more talented young Ranger writers. Yes I am biased because I get to work with him but we see Kevin as one of the future Ranger writers who fans will like his work.

Our thanks for putting together a list that every NHL fan should have and Islander fans if you have a list that you wish us to use please send it to us and will give the Islanders the same page setup up.

The MVP Vault

One of the folks I call mentor Gregg Drinnan who writes the "Taking Note" blog has a story on a new sports social network being started by former Portland Winterhawk/Kamloops Blazer's goalie Kurtis Mucha called the MVP Vault.

To quote the site the goal is simple to:

At our mission is to unite the world of hockey on one dynamic site. Our goal is to make hockey players available to the largest network of coaches and scouts from all levels. This network or (OF) coaches and scouts will lead to more players getting scouted and recruited each season. Each user can create an extensive profile and promote themselves to further their hockey career. welcomes players, parents, fans, coaches and scouts to enter the Vault and become part of the best sports social network on the web!

Strange it seemsTwitte like it was yesterday that Mucha was a 16 year old goalie on the Portland Winterhawks. His WHL career deserved a much better fate than Mucha received but Mucha will always be a favorite of ours because he never quit on himself.

Mucha was stuck on some very bad Winterhawk teams, the one thing we disagreed with the Winterhawks was trading him away just as the team was finally good enough for a playoff spot. Mucha had earned the right to enjoy the good times after suffering for so long.

That is why we are giving Mucha a plug for his site because we have never seen him give less than 100% at anything. He won't here either.

(Twitter logo courtesy of Twitter, Mucha courtesy of the Portland Winterhawks)

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