Monday, August 22, 2011

He Got The Night Off So We Took One Too

Samuel Noreau (NYR 2011 5th) was given the night off by his Baie-Comeau Drakkar so what the heck with nothing else really going on with either the New York Rangers or New York Islanders then we will take the night off too.

Noreau's Drakkar (the Viking Ship) won their 2nd straight of the QMJHL preseason thanks to a 5-4 shootout win over the Chicoutimi Sangueneens. It may not seem like much to NYC area fans but the Drakkar only won 12 games all last season so 2 straight is a big deal to them.

The Drakkar do not play again until August 26th which by then the other CHL leagues should be starting up their training camps as well.

But we do have some things for those of you interested thanks to our 2nd line pal Neate Sager (he would be a first liner but he failed his Animal House Trivia exam) over at Buzzing the Net. All joking aside if you want to keep track of the top 2012 draft prospects then the folks at BTN really need to be a daily read for you as their 5 person (sorry Sunaya) unit covers the CHL coast to coast.

Neate pointed us in the direction of Willy Palov who covers the QMJHL and answered the question "Why does the QMJHL start their training camps so early?" Surprise it actually does have to do with school not hockey as Palov explains.

In case you missed it former Portland Winterhawk goalie Kurtis Mucha has started up a social network that is a place for hockey fans, players, scouts and the occasional media member to hang out called the MVP Vault.

We like it because it is there where Ranger and Islander fans will be able to go to talk to those who attend CHL games and be able to here the skinny on prospects from those who see them in person.  Already we have seen Portland Winterhawk and Moose Jaw Warrior fans as members so take a peek.

Oh yea it is free too.

Finally for those of you back east who watched NCAA fans screaming about players like the NYR prospect JT Miller back out of attending North Dakota then please read this from one of the hosts of "The Pipeline Show", Guy Flaming.

It is a great read about how the NCAA was not losing every player to the CHL as many of their supporters were claiming. The Pipeline Show is a great place to listen about the hockey prospect world every Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings.

(Noreau courtesy of the Baie-Comeau Drakkar)


The Blue Seats said...

With all the Ranger's depth at defense, is it a realistic possibility that Noreau can pass the likes of Kundratek and McIlrath on the depth chart for the right side pairing on the third pairing? I really know nothing about him, except for that the consensus is that he is a long shot from cracking the lineup in the near future.

Jess Rubenstein said...

I seriously doubt Noreau will pass either Kundratek or McIlrath on the depth charts.

His career so far has been mainly an enforcer on a really bad QMJHL team so this year will tell if he is a legit prospect or ECHL material