Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Over-reacting in Aisle 3 Please

Man I guess I picked the wrong time to go enjoy the summertime as I really missed a mass freakout by New York Ranger fans, bloggers and writers. All because the Rangers signed Brendan Bell to a 2-way contract today.

Hang on I have to stop laughing at the uproar over a 28 year old defenseman who last played in the NHL in 2008-2009. Cmon are you kidding me, over-reacting to Brendan Bell's signing like this.


I hope that wherever Bell is tonight that he is enjoying all this attention because tomorrow is another day and his 15 minutes are up. Why do I have this image of Jeff Gorton just laughing his ass off thinking "wow this is fun, I can screw with Ranger fans and I just have to do this more often."

I read the press release and maybe they send out a different one to me than they do to the folks in New York. All I saw was "giving a guy a chance to earn a job" and that was it because really that is what the case is here.

I turn around when I get home and I see these posts "this is a prelude to a major move" to criticism over wasting a spot. Not one and I will repeat not 1 person took the time to think "well they are giving a guy a chance to earn a job."

Signing Brendan Bell is not going to be the beginning of the Ranger's effort to make a major trade. Somehow I do not think Glen Sather is on the telephone with Nashville going "OK I want Weber and 2 first round picks for Bell nothing less."

Look I understand it has been a long off-season (please end soon I beg someone) but people relax as not every single move has to have some kind of major meaning to it. Sometimes you roll the dice and give a guy a chance; if it works great you got a player and if it does not then you can either send him to the AHL or release him outright.

Yes it can be as simple as that because Brendan Bell is not going to be stealing a job from anyone whether he be Ranger or Whale. Bell is going to have to earn it the hard way by out working and out playing those ahead of him on the depth chart.

But in the meantime I wish to thank all of those who turned the Bell signing into something that it never was; a big move. It gave me not only a laugh but something to write about.

Here Real Hockey To Enjoy

Got to give a double stick tap to Neate Sager of Buzzing the Net for sharing this highlight reel goal from USA's Cristoval "Boo" Nieves as this is what you call a big time goal. Nieves is a player to watch at 17 6'3 and for now headed to Michigan (subject to change when he is drafted of course)

The play begins around the 20 second mark

Wait We Got More Over-reacting To Ruin

Because we here at Prospect Park are equal opportunity when it comes to being a smart ass then we would be remiss if we did not jab at the New York Islander fans. See they have been having their own mini-freakout over the status of Kirill Kabanov.

To recap, Kabanov had a coming out party during the QMJHL playoffs only to see his team the Lewiston Maineaics fold. Kabanov was selected by the Montreal Junior during the special dispersal draft and those cute little Islander fans freaked.

"NO NO NO Not Montreal as Kabanov will go back to his bad bad ways" was the fear from Islander fans. Oh ye of little faith as former Islander/Ranger/and more defenseman Joel Bouchard purchased the team and we said this was a good thing.

It got better as Bouchard promptly moved the team out of Montreal up to a place named Blainville-Boisbriand (no not to save Kabanov from all those French Canadian ladies).

But then the renamed Armada lost their coach Pasqual Vincent to the AHL (and no not Kabanov's fault either) which would mean that in the matter of 4 months without stepping out on the ice Kabanov would be on his 3rd coach since the Lewiston Maineaics were eliminated from the QMJHL playoffs.

Except that Joel Bouchard showed why he is going to make a very good owner as to replace the departed Vincnent he hired the guy who coached his previous team to a huge upset win in the playoffs over the former Junior.

That would be Jean-Francois Houle the former coach of the Lewiston Maineaics. Yes the same guy who helped Kabanov turn himself around is going to be his coach once again.

See you wasted a good over-reaction for nothing as forget Bridgeport send Kabanov back to the Armada as between Houle and Bouchard, Kabanov would be in great hands with 2 very good teachers helping him on and off the ice.

(Ranger logo courtesy of the New York Rangers, Kabanov courtesy of NHL Media)


Kevin DeLury said...

It's the offseason what do you expect Jess?

Kevin DeLury said...

It's the offseason, what do you expect Jess?

Steven Zeltser said...

What over-reaction? McColgan go cut from the US team so he will probably never play in the NHL now!

Steven Zeltser said...

What over-reaction? McColgan go cut from the US team so he will probably never play in the NHL now!

Jess Rubenstein said...


Sorry but I really do not think you would like my response to using the off-season as an excuse to freak out.


You think McColgan wants to be in the NHL? Man that is crazy talk as every one knows with a name like McColgan that he would rather play in a beer league not some lame NHL tean