Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thursday night prospect action saw the Ranger duo of forward Andrew Yogan (2010 3rd) and defenseman Peter Ceresnak (2011 6th) in action as their Peterborough Petes hosted the Belleville Bulls.

The Petes under former Ranger Assistant Coach Mike Pelino were looking to remain unbeaten in regulation and midway through the second period it was not looking good. The Bulls had a 2 goal lead at 4-2 before the Petes made their comeback.

It took them all of 3:11 in the 2nd period to go from down 2 to a 5-4 lead as Andrew Yogan got a secondary assist on what proved to be the game winning goal.

Yogan is being given a golden opportunity by Mike Pelino as Pelino slotted Yogan on his top line as a Right Wing with Austin Watson (Nashville 2010 1st) and Matt Puempel (Ottawa 2011 1st). Yes we do believe Yogan has the talent to be on the same line as his linemates but the key is going to be for Yogan to keep his game to the fundamental basics.

With 2 first rounders as linemates, Yogan just needs to keep his game simple and the points will pile up for him. Both of his linemates put up 34 goals each last season but more importantly they are unselfish players who put the team first and that is an area Yogan could learn something about.

Yogan is a very talented player as no question he is a very skilled goal scorer (25 goals 2 years ago) but what we believe holds Yogan back is Yogan. Yogan wants to highlight reel play when just a basic play would do more.

It was Yogan's simple pass that started the game winning goal for the Petes against the Bulls. Save the fancy stuff for the blowout games and concentrate on keeping it simply simple.

Yogan has been given perhaps one of the best possible assignments in the OHL; play with 2 first round picks who are proven scorers. What Yogan does with it is going to be up to him.

Peter Ceresnak did not score but was a +1 with an interference minor. Like Yogan, Ceresnak has been given a great opportunity as one of the starting defenders for the Petes.

The real winners in this could be the Rangers as Pelino despite what you remember of him with the Rangers has a proven track record as a junior's coach. 11 goal medals with 11 different teams backs that point up.

Losing A Good Friend

Friday is going to be the last day on the job for someone we are going to really miss in Marnell Rasmussen. Marnell has been the director of community relations for the Moose Jaw Warriors and the person who went above and beyond to help us cover Dylan McIlrath.

The people who work behind the scenes as the reasons why we can bring you the kind of coverage of Ranger and Islander prospects that nobody else does. Folks like Marnell are the true hockey fans as you do not put in the kind of hours they do for the money.

We get the images, the game notes as well as the good and the bad of they played. It is their extra efforts that allow us to bring you inside the locker room for intereviews and it is their efforts who can get a coach on the phone when you need a quote.

Going to miss the Moose Jaw Pixie as the person who is going to replace her is going to have some McIlrath sized shoes to fill.

The Weekend Ahead

The College prospects are joining the play as the college teams play their exhibition weekend before they too begin their regular season.

It's Hawkey O'Clock

(Yogan/ Petersborough Petes/OHL)

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