Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Screwing Up Your Life

This is never the kind of post you want to have to write about because New York Ranger or New York Islander fan; nobody wants to witness someone throwing their life away.

This was supposed to be about how Corey Trivino (NYI 2008 2nd) was the only prospect from either team to be worthy of earning "Prospect of the Week" but it isn't. Instead this is about how a young prospect messed up his life.

(S/T to Daniel Friedman of NYI Faceoff Circle)

Corey Trivino was arraigned Monday in a Boston courtroom charged with 3 counts of indecent assault, 2 counts of breaking and entering during the night time and 1 count of assault with the intent to rape.

The sorry details can be found here http://www.bu.edu/today/2011/mens-hockey-star-arrested/.

The most frustrating part of covering prospects are moments like these as you see a young person who has a gift to play a game that any of us would kill for. Hockey was a way for Trivino to earn an education and maybe make some money at it.

When you see us get angry at a Evgeny Grachev or an Andrew Yogan it is because they do not realize how lucky they are. The talent they have is a gift, a blessing that anyone who has dreamed of being a player would kill for.

It is why a Brandon Dubinsky, a Ryan Callahan or a Brandon Prust are who we cheer for because what they lacked in skill they made up for with heart and a refusal to accept failure.

But in a drunken moment Trivino tossed his golden chance away and possibly ruined his life in doing so. Let us also remember that there was a young woman who was attacked in her room late at night by Trivino.

Yes we can say that Trivino is still innocent until he is proven guilty but Trivino is already been found guilty by his coach at Boston University Jack Parker who threw him off the team.

Parker gave Trivino a 2nd chance after Trivino was suspended for the first 2 games last season because of another incident with alcohol. Jack Parker is one of the old school coaches who put the student before the athlete and hold their players accountable.

How sad is it that because of a choice Corey Trivino made Sunday night to drink that he has changed not only his life but also the lives of the victim and of his Boston University teammates.

Saturday night Trivino was our Islander prospect star, he was leading Hockey East in goals scored with 13 and we were thisclose to saying Trivino was our Islander prospect of the week.

We were going to break down what Trivino needed to do in order to get that NHL contract from the Islanders. That now is not going to happen and we hope that Trivino's victim is the one people feel sorry for not Trivino.

Instead we will hope that Trivino's victim is able to recover from this and that others will learn from it.

(Trivino- NHL media)

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