Friday, January 20, 2012

Breaking News McIlrath Suspended 8 Games

The WHL this afternoon suspended New York Ranger 2010 first-round pick Dylan McIlrath of the Moose Jaw Warriors for eight games as a result of his receiving a checking to the head major on January 18 against Victoria Royals.

As part of their ruling, the WHL cited that:

1-Primary contact was made to the head of the opponent

2- They hit resulted in an injury to the opponent

3- This is the second suspension the player received the season

For those of you who missed the hit we found this clip starting around the 4:12 point and as much as we are huge fans of Dylan McIlrath there is no way we can disagree with this ruling.

A stick tap goes out to our friend Gregg Drinnan of Taking Note for finding these quotes from McIlrath as told to Matthew Gourlie of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald.

Meanwhile, the Moose Jaw Warriors await word from the WHL office as to the length of suspension to D Dylan McIlrath, who took out Victoria Royals D Jesse Zgraggen with an elbow to the head on Wednesday night. “I know my thought process coming in wasn’t to hit him up high,” McIlrath told Matthew Gourlie of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald on Thursday.

“I wanted to ride him into the boards and make a routine hip check, like I’ve done so many times before,” McIlrath said. “It was just a bang-bang play. It’s unfortunate.

“I saw him on the ice. Obviously, I didn’t want to see anyone to get injured. I felt bad right after it happened. He went down pretty hard. It’s tough to see.”

McIlrath is a repeat offender, having sat out three games after a charging major he incurred on Nov. 23 for a hit on F Trevor Cheek of the Calgary Hitmen.

As we stated in the past, we like good clean hitting and we don't want to see the game lose the hitting part but we do want to see the the sport lose the "people getting hurt" part of the game that is happening sadly with an increasing rate.

We will have more on this later as part of our Friday evening report.

(McIlrath – Moose Jaw Warriors)


Leatherneck said...

Sadly hockey is starting to create soccer a soccer game and any contact the players fall grabbing their ankles melodramatically. Honestly this is the fault of the people who govern hockey, not the players. That's what happens when they bring in businessmen to run a league. The agenda is not the game, but the revenue. Every hard hit now gets scrutinized and the player taken in for precautionary measures. These players are being educated to the point that I think it has gone whacky...

Want to stop stuff like this is to give a 10 minute major to the idiot who turns his back knowing a player is coming, instead of a boarding call to the player. Also we gotta start letting the players police up the game again

Prospect Park said...


You know I really don't have respond to this other than to say that I am glad you're not running the game because people would get badly injured with the kind of mindset you just posted.

The good thing is that McIlrath gets it and understands why his hit was wrong.

The idea is not to take the hitting out of the game but rather to take the people getting hurt part out.

The player whom McIlrath hit with so woozy he had trouble walking back to the locker room.

Ryan Strome and Islander prospect had undergo surgery because of a a dirty hit that broke his nose and caused other injuries he misses the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Jeff Beukeboom's son is not playing this weekend because his suffering from concussion like symptoms.

How many people have to get hurt before people realize which part each to go?