Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Blink

Tuesday night only had one prospect in action and that was New York Islander prospect John Persson (2011, 5th) of the Red Deer Rebels. Once upon a time, Persson and his Rebels were flying high challenging for the WHL's Eastern Conference lead.

But that was back in November matter of fact we can tell you exactly when the Red Deer season fell apart and that was on Sunday, November 13. That was the start of a month-long losing streak as Red Deer did not win another game until Tuesday, December 13.

Red Deer played 13 games in that span and did not win a single one. November 13 was also the day that John Persson's 8 game scoring streak came to a halt.

The first 20 games of the season, Persson was 11–16– 27 and was leading all Islander prospects in scoring. In the 23 games since then Persson has gone 4-8-12.

What's scary is that up until last weekend Persson continued to lead Islander prospects in scoring. Out of fairness to the Islanders, the majority of their best prospects play in the NCAA.

The Rebels have fallen all the way to 9th place in the WHL's Eastern conference, their season record has hovered around the 500 mark which made Tuesday night the wrong time for them the face the Calgary Hitmen.

The Hitmen entered the game winners of 7 straight and have blown past the Rebels in the standings. Make it 8 straight games the Hitmen ran all over the Rebels 5-1.

As it has been during the Rebels hard times, the Rebels would get a 1-0 lead and then the other team would do just like Hitmen did score 5 unanswered goals and that was the game.

It's not like the Rebels are out of it in terms of the playoffs but they're falling further and further back. Persson was scoreless continuing his own struggles.

John Tortorella's Worst Nightmare

I actually feel sorry for the coach as he has had to put up with Brian Engblom for two straight games asking without question some of the dumbest questions ever asked of an NHL coach.

Then to top his night off, he gets to listen to his owner talking about winning the Stanley Cup. Don't think for a second that the Ranger beat media did not enjoy John Tortorella's discomfort.

The ones I did feel sorry for were the Rangers PR guys; those guys have to have the toughest job in all of sports. This might surprise you but these guys are really good people who have gone above and beyond for me on several occasions.

But I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in John Tortorella's office after he finished with his postgame press conference.

You want to talk about a MasterCard moment?

Yup that would have been priceless.

(Persson – New York Islanders)

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