Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is there a veterinarian in the house?

I have some friendly advice for you New York Ranger and New York Islander fans; if you see me coming in one direction suggest you go the other direction. If there are million people standing in a field then odds are I'm gonna be the only one will get struck by lightning.

Get to be honest as Monday hockey was the last thing on my mind as Sunday night my dog, my 11-year-old dog reportedly (because no x-rays were taken) tore her ACL while playing frisbee with me.

I am doing very good job beating myself up over it because Kelly Puppy is best friend a guy can have when it comes to a dog. But you folks did not come here to hear about my dog so here's what little happened on Monday.

Yesterday hero Connor Crisp the center who made his season debut playing goalie we actually found a clip of his efforts (stick tap to the Junior Guru of Canada Neate Sager of Buzzing the Net)

Pretty sad that the TV guys don't seem to understand that unlike the NHL where you can probably find an emergency goalie hiding under a rock that it's just not that easy when rules prevent kids from just showing up as an emergency backup.

A day later sure we can say that Crisp was risking a lot being totally inexperienced as a goalie and we can talk about how adults sometimes make rules that put kids at risk. But if you watch the clip make sure you see the end because it was Niagara IceDog players who in their own way sent the right message.

The IceDogs to a man skated up to Crisp and shook his hand with both Niagara goalies giving him a hug.  Maybe we need to let the kids run hockey because they seem to be only ones who are mature enough to do the job.

We heard from our friends at Hockey East a couple of things of interest; game one of the Hockey East quarterfinal series between Chris Kreider's Boston College Eagles and Danny Hobb's UMass Minutemen will be televised by the NBC Sports Network Friday night starting at 7:30 Eastern.

Danny Hobbs actually made the weekly "Honor Roll" handed out by Hockey East for their best performers of the week. We are happy for Danny to be honored in his final regular season weekend at UMass.

If you want a couple of examples of why Glen Sather as such a man crush on Chris Kreider; we can start with Kreider finishing third in the "U.S. Army ROTC Three Stars of the Game" award.

If John Tortorella finds out that Kreider has been leading a penalty kill that has killed 20 consecutive power plays then pretty sure that Tortorella will get a man crush on him to. Hard not to like Kreider and his all-sround game.

As former New Jersey Devil coach Tommy McVie taught us that when looking at the prospect little details they add up and before you know it you have a first-class player.

Russo named to All Rookie Team

New York Islanders 2011 fourth round pick Robbie Russo was named to the 2012 CCHA All Rookie Team. Here is the write up on Russo from the CCHA;

Robbie Russo, a 19-year-old defenseman from Westmont, Ill., and the University of Notre Dame, scored four goals and added 10 assists in 36 games to lead all rookie defensemen. The New York Islanders draft pick scored all four of his goals on the power play against CCHA opponents and his 12 power-play points overall led all Irish defensemen.

The Rangers are not the only ones who have some very talented young defensemen on their way to the NHL. We fully expect Islander 2011 second round pick Scott Mayfield of Denver to be named to the WCHA All Rookie Team when that announcement comes out.

We will end this with something that will leave a smile on Ranger fan's faces (with yet another stick tap to our good friend Neate Sager) as it is the story of Liam Stewart son of rockstar Rod Stewart and actress Rachel Hunter.

Stewart as we have mentioned a couple of occasions plays for the Spokane Chiefs in the WHL. The young man is not a bad defensive forward and he is becoming on pretty strong over the last couple months (call that scout speak for if we have a sixth or seventh he would be worth the risk).

But it seems Daddy is gonna bring all bunch of people up to Spokane to see his son play and what we found so very interesting is this one line from the article talking about Rod Stewart's visit to Spokane

“When I was like 3 or 4, I was in New York for one of my dad’s shows and I went to a Rangers game,” he said. “From then on I told my mom I wanted to do that. The next day I was skating, not playing hockey, just free skating. That’s how it started.”

Liam if it means anything we know eactly how you feel.


Dr. Rich said...

Actually yes there is a veterinarian(diehard islander fan) in the house.

A tear of a cranial cruciate ligament is usually not diagnosed via x-rays unless the injury happened a while ago(weeks to months. Because there is nothing to see with x rays. Usually its diagnosed by palpating the knee and if it moves too far(called cranial drawer)its torn. The only other way to diagnose it would be and mri or scoping the knee. either of those procedures would cost more than the surgery. And yes I have seen a number of dogs tear the CCL playing frisbee.

Jess Rubenstein said...

Thanks Doctor, currently we have her on anti-inflammatory, pain meds, and fish oil.

Her energy is back which makes trying to keep her quiet almost impossible