Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laughing so hard we can't write.

Forgive us New York Ranger fans but we have been going non-stop since March so we badly needed a day off. We also needed to spend time house hunting as the move up north for us is a reality and that is a great thing for us.

But we really have to send you over to our friend Greg Caggiano's place for what might be the best laugh a Ranger fan has had since say 1994.

It seems that during the day someone over at the New Jersey Devil's Website actually made a plea for Devil fans NOT to sell their playoff tickets to New York Ranger fans.

Our first reaction was it was someone's idea of a great practical joke but it turns out that this a real item.

Please head over to Greg's "From New York to San Francisco" and share this with every Ranger fan you know. After you do then maybe what Ranger fans should do when the series shifts to Jersey for Game's 3+4 is chant "We Got Tickets"


And to stop this before it even gets started. The rumors of Dylan McIlrath's falling out of favor with the Rangers to the best of our knowledge is not true nor worth spreading.

If you had said Tim Erixon then maybe we would have to grant the possibility of it having a basis of truth to it (Erixon looked weak in his time with the Rangers). McIlrath had some struggles this past season that is true but in our eyes not enough to give up on.

And in any case why in the world would the Rangers (if this was true) bring McIlrath all the way to New York after using him in the AHL if they were not happy with him?


Finally it is not a long clip but Michael St. Croix's goal from Sunday's Game 7 is here for a peek. Don't blink as his was the 3rd Oil King goal.

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