Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much for wishing

(You can skip reading this if you are equally tired of reading about yet another New York Ranger failure to put back to back good games together as I am)
You will never guess how I feel about Game 4

There is no way that you're going to know what I really thought about the New York Rangers efforts in game four against the New Jersey Devils. Sorry people, but I plan on keeping what I think right here in this room,

I am not going to sit here and tell you how much watching the Rangers stinking up the place really bothered me tonight. I think it's something that I need to keep between me, my dog and my two cats.

Now I'm not going to single out any New York Ranger and talk about how badly they played; no, sir, that's not how I handle things here. I am going to forget all about this game and move on getting ready for game five on Wednesday.

I'm not going to ask why Michael Del Zotto was singled out and everybody seems to have noticed how badly he played. I will however express my sympathies to the entire Del Zotto family over the loss of their loved one.

But I'm also not going to use as an excuse to let Del Zotto off the hook for his poor play. I am going to say he had an entire team who didn't have the loss of a loved one to fall back on (Del Zotto won't use it as an excuse either).

I'm not gonna sit here and wonder what the heck Steve Eminger is doing in the lineup because I'm not singling out any player for their performance. I'm not going to say that Tortorella made a mistake sitting Stu Bickel as a defenseman.

I will however get on my knees and do a lot of praying in the hope that Brandon Dubinsky and Mats Zuccarello become healthy enough to play Wednesday night. It's not that I want to sit anybody in particular in part because in game four Artem Anisimov was so invisible that I couldn't find him long enough to say he was invisible.

But I really do believe that the Rangers the fire that Dubinsky brings and Lord knows they could use any offense spark that the Hobbit can give them. After all, we all knew this was, did we?

I'm not going to sit here and say, "what the hell Tortorella?" Because it's beating a dead horse. As we've been through this all playoff series long.

I will however offer my support to the New Jersey Devils in their quest to earn Academy Award nominations for the performances that their players did put on. I never thought that the New Jersey Devils of all teams would give their portrayals of Sidney Crosby and the diving pond.

I mean, I loved Marty Brodeur in that scene when he made it look so lifelike, so real that I almost believed that Michael Rupp ran him over with a semi truck. Bravo Marty it was truly a performance for the ages as when you and Brendan Shanahan finished breakfast, you can suspend Rupp for a couple of games.

I'm not go sit here and say how disappointing it is to see yet another team pick up the tactics of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm not going to sit here and complain that if Ranger player sneezed then a Devil player would go down like he'd been shot.

No, I'm not gonna sit here and stew up a bunch of sour grapes over the Ranger loss because I knew it was coming. Sorry there's not a chance you get me to talk about how this poor the entire Ranger team was especially during the first period.

No, I will keep my opinions to myself and I'm sorry if it disappoints you that I choose not to mention just how crappy I felt the Rangers played. Please stop asking as I will not discuss individual players or what I would say to or about the coaching.

Thank you.


At least I understand now why the NHL Network decided not to show American viewers the Memorial Cup live. After all, imagine how embarrassing it would've been all those people switching channels from a National Hockey League playoff game to a bunch teenagers only playing for Canada's Memorial Cup.

It was only the defending champions the Saint John Sea Dogs taking on the WHL champs the Edmonton Oil Kings. Who cares if the network, which claims to be the home of hockey failed badly by not offering this game live.

Yes, we really did need to see repeats of what happened between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Yes, we really did need to have another channel doing a pregame show for a game that was televised on another station.

What a giant failure by the National Hockey League not showing a game being played by teenagers. How sad it must be that the NHL made sure that in the US, there was only one game being shown live.

Call me frustrated because the 2012 Memorial Cup after four days has all four teams with identical 1-1 records for the first time since they went to this format in 1983. Forgive me because this was a matchup worth wanting to watch as a desperate Saint John could not afford a second loss. Meanwhile Edmonton would be in the driver seat with a second win.

Since I did not see the game live, then please follow the links over to Neate Sager's Buzzing The Net where he breaks down the possibilities depending on which team wins (or loses) right here.

Then here is his game recap with some pretty good questions that the Oil Kings really need to answer as they have to play against OHL champs the London Knights.

In the meantime, I am not going to tell you why the dog is in the doghouse, other than to say we were going to keep it in this room.

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