Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can we get a hug for our GM here?

Give him a hug
After I finished doing a guest spot with Jim and Eddie over at Blueshirt Underground Radio Tuesday night (thanks for having me guys); a buddy e-mailed me and said things must be good with the New York Rangers as nobody's calling for Glen Sather's head anymore.

Jim and Eddie like many of us did not think very highly of Glen Sather and were not exactly diplomatic about it (neither was I which is why I like those two so much). I don't think Jim or Eddie will ever be invited to a "Salute to Glen Sather" event but nowadays it's because of their table manners rather than their love for Glen.

Now come on, admit it as just like me, you are hard-pressed to complain about the job Glen Sather has done over the last couple of years. I think I'm in the worst position because I never wanted him in the first place and yet here I am willing to acknowledge that he has done everything but deliver a cup.

And before anybody says anything I do believe the cup is coming and when it does, then Glen Sather's name will rightfully belong on it. What a change from 1999 when the mere thought of Glen Sather as Ranger general manager angered the heck out of me.

I can't complain about not investing in the prospects because the Rangers have close to 20 some odd people scouting and working on player development. I can't complain about not having a goalie coach or a strength and conditioning coach and I can't even complain about having a skating coach.

I guess the only thing I can complain about is that Glen Sather has taken away all the reasons to dislike him. We can argue all day about how long it took and how it never should have taken this long but it doesn't matter.

We can also talk about how the 2004 NHL lockout has played a role in the transformation of the New York Rangers. But in the end it looks like Glen Sather's going to wind up with the last laugh on all of us.

And to tell the truth when you look around the NHL and see how badly some NHL franchises are being run then Glen Sather is looking mighty good having the Rangers as a stable franchise.

I mean really think about it, can you imagine being a Columbus Bluejackets fan these days? Just a few hours after the end of the 2012 draft, Columbus fires four scouts including the assistant director for scouting.

Seriously, can you picture Columbus GM Scott Howson talking to Columbus fans about what a great job that the team did with their draft picks when the news breaks of the firings? The same GM who disclosed that his star player asked for a trade; yes ticket sales for the Bluejackets must be at an all-time high NOT.

And I really do like the people in media relations who work for the New York Islanders, but they must have the toughest job in sports right now. Using every single draft pick on defenseman still has me scratching my head going what the heck happened here?

Yes the Islanders needed improvements on the blue line, but seven draft picks on nothing but defenseman? If they're smart, those draft picks could ask for group rates at the tattoo parlor at the Colosseum.

Even better has to be watching Islander supporters and Bluejackets supporters arguing over whether or not Garth Snow's reported offer of all the Islander draft picks for Columbus's pick was real or not.

Arguing over which franchise has less credibility just might be one of the funniest things on the web today. I'm telling you, you can't make this stuff up.

We can try being the Philadelphia Flyers who last year traded Jeff Carter and Mike Richards and whispers about both of those guys being locker room cancers started before even they left town. We're talking about the guys that used to be the Flyer team leaders with Richards who was the team captain and the rumors claimed he was a cancer.

Imagine that from cancer to Stanley Cup champion and makes you wonder if the wrong guys were run out of town. Flyer Fun Fact: Since the Flyers drafted goalie Roman Cechmanek in the 2000 draft have including the 2012 draft selected a total of 14 goalies who have combined to give the Flyers a total of 19 minutes in 2 NHL appearances .

The longer we go here the closer to sainthood Glen Sather gets.

Wait, the Mighty Ducks excuse me the Anaheim Ducks want to be a part of this it looks like. The only forward the Ducks have under contract beyond next year Bobby Ryan was throwing a public temper tantrum the day of the NHL draft because his name keeps coming up in trade rumors.

And Bobby wants to be traded to the Philadelphia Flyers; perhaps Bobby might want to talk to Jeff and Mike about that. Memo to Bobby; you forgot to get a no trade clause in your contract so there is a pretty good chance that Anaheim GM Bob Murray will send you anywhere but Philly.

Since we're on this "top NHL execs" lists then it would not be fair to leave out the Montreal Canadians who got their fans angry when they hired an interim coach who didn't speak French. Washington who brought in Dale Hunter only to see him run not walk back to the London Knights of the OHL as soon as the Capitials were eliminated in the playoffs.

Vancouver whose love affair with Roberto Luongo appears over might wind up stuck with him if Cory Schneider decides to sign elsewhere. It would also be unkind if the Phoenix Coyotes and their ownership situation was not mentioned.

Could you imagine what it would've looked like if the Phoenix Coyotes who still don't have an owner would have won the Stanley Cup? I wonder whose name would've gone on the Stanley Cup under owner? maybe Gary Bettman's perhaps?

There is also the San Jose Sharks who were crying about how defensive the NHL has become after St. Louis held them to just eight goals in eliminating them in five games?

It kind of makes you want to go up to Glen Sather and give him a big old hug for being a source of stability in the NHL. On second thought maybe Jim and Eddie might want to make it a group hug?

Bet you John Tortorella will feel unloved if that happened.

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