Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glen Sather's job security

Are You Kidding?
The longest time of the year has to be from the moment that the New York Rangers finish their season until about the middle of July. Between now and then either people have lost their minds or their imaginations have just gone where no man has gone before.

There are some pretty scary ideas floating around the Ranger universe and I have to admit I'm no saint, but come on, it's not like the team finished in 30th place this last season.

I mean, some people are out there wanting to see the team blown up and bringing in all these new people. This was a team that finished with 109 points during the regular season.

Yes, the only consistent thing about the New York Rangers last season was that they were very good at being inconsistent. But really do we have to blow up the team and start from scratch again?

There was a lot of good things about last season that makes a case not to just leave it totally alone, but rather a tweak or two instead of a huge splash.

Do you really want to trade a bunch of kids, a few draft picks and who knows what else for Rick Nash? I may not be a fan of John Tortorella's system, but I'd rather get a player who would fit in the system then throw everything away and start from scratch.

I hate to say this but I just don't picture Zach Parise wearing a Rangers uniform. Maybe it's because every time the Rangers went out and signed a New Jersey Devil, the move came back to bite them in the butt.

It's not that I wouldn't mind a player like Parise but I just have this gut feeling that he will stay with New Jersey, even give them a discount to sign him.

I think another area where the Rangers are not getting credit is how they go about bringing in players now. It truly is a team effort from the scouts, Gordie Clark, Glen Sather himself, Jeff Gorton, Mark Messier and even Adam Graves are just parts to a machine.

The Rangers of today did something that I don't think has happened ever before in the history of the New York Rangers. Do you know that the Rangers signed every single draft pick from the 2010 class?

Do I think that all six of them will make it to the NHL? No not all six but I will give you that four of them have a very good chance at making it.

That too is something new for the Rangers, as Gordie Clark taught me in today's world the hope is to get one good player out of each draft. Even if just three of them make it is still a hell of a job done by Clark and his team.

Like Glen Sather or not but that's a pretty professional looking team putting together the new New York Rangers. I did not want Glen Sather hired as a Rangers general manager because I believed that the Rangers needed somebody looking to make his reputation rather than live off an old one.

How do you dislike someone who will go into the trenches and live the scouts life as Sather has done the last couple years? At an age (almost 70) where he's earned his right to retire or even cut back; I have to give Glen Sather his due for making sure that tomorrow will be much better than yesterday was.

At the same time, I can almost feel Gordie Clark laughing his ass off at all of us trying to think we know what he's thinking. When I did a mock draft for the Blueshirt Bulletin, I have to admit that he has me stumped.

Do I think anyone's going to come close to guessing what the Rangers are gonna do at 28? No I don't because with Gordie Clark the possibilities are endless (he says that to me every time we talk).

That's what happens when you put a Star Trek fan in charge of the Ranger prospects. Seriously, the only thing I'm sure of is that the Rangers won't draft Stefan Matteau.

If you have Matteau in your mock draft then you are living in the past but you forget that only Messier and Graves were around for that goal. That's not going to get the kid drafted but if you want some advice; think of somebody they wouldn't draft and go from there.

Sorry I can't tell you who I picked for the Rangers at 28, but you can get yourself a copy of the Blueshirt Bulletin and find out that way. Got to pay the bills my friends somehow unless you have a three-bedroom house for sale in Vancouver, Washington.

Then we can talk.


Kalel9 said...

they signed McNaught?

Jess Rubenstein said...

Yes but I think they regret it

McNaught was first assigned to the CT Whale where he lasted 1 game.

He was demoted to Greenville where he stayed for 5 games.

From there it was the CHL Missouri where he finished the season.

Like I said not everyone is going to make the NHL