Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Checking for a pulse

What a strange set of circumstances the New York Rangers and their fans find themselves in. It's the middle of July and I never thought that I would say how much I can't stand all this quiet out of the New York Rangers.

All these years of making some kind of splash with free agency and this year the Rangers have been spectators. I almost feel like a hypocrite because for all those years that I said "it's not how much money you spend, but rather how will you spend it" and here I am wondering when will the Rangers do something.

It's like some kind of bizarre dream seeing the Rangers with a little over $15 million to spend and so far nothing appears to be happening. There's a lot of things you can speculate on; from Glen Sather wanting to play the waiting game to an actual concern that the Rangers could find themselves in salary cap jam if the owners were able to get their demands for better revenue share.

I for one fully expect that the NHL season will not start on time and to me it doesn't matter if it's a lockout or strike. The game will be the biggest losers and I seriously question whether fans will be willing to put up with another canceled season.

I know that by this time next month that my own season will be getting underway when the juniors report for their training camps. I will not sit here and lie to you guys that if the NHL does not start on time that I would actually care.

I am so sick and tired of the games that Gary Bettman and his cronies play with hockey. In many ways I do wish to see another labor stoppage because there has been several changes among NHL owners.

I really do pray that a Civil War among the NHL owners does in fact take place. That in my prayers would lead to Gary Bettman's reign of error as NHL commissioner would be ended.

I have to believe that owners like James Dolan are getting tired of having to support teams like the Coyotes who can not find a way to get a new owner,

Then there teams like the Winnipeg Jets who are looking at solidifying their fan base in just their second year back in the NHL. The difference between now and 2004 is the number of owners who actually are hockey people.

That's my prayer and I pray that it actually does come true . Otherwise, I really do suggest that if there is a stoppage that you check out and discover what I have been lucky enough to find on my own.

The Canadian juniors, the NCAAs and the various minor leagues will give you more value to the dollar then the NHL will.

What's going on?

To be honest there's nothing really new or of interest to report. The Islanders signed 2010 third round pick Jason Clark left Wisconsin after two injury plagued years.

Think it's a mistake on Clark's part and I would be shocked if he was playing anything higher than ECHL level. He did nothing to show that he has legitimate pro potential and granted injuries robbed him his chance to show what he can do.

I also do not want to waste your time with the filling of the space kind of news. Something happens then yes, talk about it but if not, why insult your intelligence?

For me I am waiting for the summer evaluation camps to get underway which is less than a month from now, as well as junior camps opening up in less than three weeks.

I think that's what you guys come here for not rumors or pretend news.

Now watch the Rangers make a liar out of me by going on spending spree or trading for everybody in sight.

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