Thursday, July 5, 2012

An interesting argument

Jesse Spector -TSN
Anton Stralman deciding to file for arbitration is the top of the New York Ranger news on a slow Thursday. The countdown has begun for the move to Vancouver Washington (does anyone have a house to sell me?) as by this time next week Prospect Park will be living out of a hotel until we find a house to buy.

For Stralman, it is a mixed blessing as I have to hope that both Stralman and his agent remember that Stralman was thisclose to not having a job in the NHL if not for the Rangers. I am like most of those who believe that a fair deal would be for 2 years at 1.3 million per season.

I would sweeten the pie by offering up performance bonuses that rewards Stralman for working even harder. But if Stralman gets greedy then he just might find himself playing in Sweden after all.

The picture you see is of Jesse Spector who used to cover the Rangers for the Daily News (Letting him walk was such a dumb move by them) but now writes for the Sporting News covering of course hockey.

Jesse in his latest weighs in on the Rick Nash/Bobby Ryan trade rumors with a very strong argument as to who he believes teams should trade for. The feature which is right here "Bobby Ryan more desirable than Rick Nash due to efficient shooting, higher ceiling" is a good case for why a team would want either player.

I for one don't want to see the Rangers make either trade if the price tag includes the top prospects but given a choice; I would follow Jesse's call and take Ryan over Nash.

OK who is going to come over and help with the packing?

Hey where did everyone go?

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