Friday, July 13, 2012

One door closes while others begin to open

It is moving day for the Prospect Park and family as our house finally closed; the movers have come and taken all of our stuff away and I'm sitting here on the floor using a box as the table trying to write something about the New York Rangers.

I can't because as much as one chapter in my life is over another one "the great adventure" as my wife likes to call it is beginning. But for me it's beginning on a sad note as I discovered that I had lost a friend on Monday.

Dave Foreman was somebody that I knew growing up in Jackson Heights, Dave was one of the cool older kids because he always treated everybody right. I don't think I ever heard anyone say one bad word about David which in Jackson Heights during the 1970s was one of the biggest miracles of them all.

Thank you Facebook for allowing me to reconnect with Dave even if it was for a short time because Dave gave me one of the best presents I've ever gotten doing this job. Last winter Dave told me that reading about the Ranger prospects got him back following the New York Rangers.

I know exactly how he felt because if if I had not bumbled and stumbled my way into doing this in 2004 then odds are very good that I would not be a Ranger fan today. Those who know me know the story about how Brandon Dubinsky rekindled my support for the Rangers.

if you don't know the story than the short version is; Brandon grew up the son of a Ranger fan and all he ever wanted to be was a New York Ranger. He knew the history, he knew the traditions and it was impossible not to like him.

Everything Ranger meant something to him from being a rookie getting the paint the Ranger logo at center ice at Madison Square Garden to putting on a Rangers uniform with his name on it.

It is ironic that I find myself thinking about Brandon with all the trade rumors swirling around him at this point of my life. One of my most treasured possessions is a Brandon Dubinsky autographed Rangers jersey and I keep meaning to put it in a frame and mounted on a wall but something happens and I forget about it.

The movers almost left it behind and this time I'm not going to forget because when it goes on my wall in my new office that is going to be not just for me but for my friend Dave.

I owe it to Dave, I owe it to Brandon and his family but I also owe it to all of you. If not for you guys then none of this is possible.

I guess I should thank the Rangers were being quiet during what is the one of the most chaotic weeks in my life. I never thought I'd see the day when people were worried about Glen Sather not spending money

But it's happening and the best part about it is how many people who are supporting him. 2 to 3 years ago, Ranger fans would be all over Sather for not pulling the trigger on Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan trade.

Now Ranger fans are supporting that Glen Sather does not give away some of the prized young prospects the team has. It's a great day to be a Ranger fan again and I'm know that my friend gave is watching.

I'm not going to say rest in peace today because that's not who he is. I don't want to mention him in past tense because the Dave Foreman I've known has touched so many people that he is going to always be here in my heart as well as theirs.

I feel for his family but at the same time I want them to know that they're not alone and we are there for them just as Dave was always there for us.

Next stop Vancouver Washington

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Good luck in your new home