Monday, July 9, 2012

To Doan or Not To Doan

 In Case of Bad Move PUSH
The Shane Doan sweepstakes are expected to get underway on Monday but if you the New York Rangers; is this a move you really want to make?

The Rangers need offense especially since Marion Gaborik will not be ready to start the season. But I also have this fear of players who are over the age of 35 and play power forward.

When they get old they get old in a hurry and it's a very cruel sight to see. The worst part of it is you can't buy your way out of their contract because they are over 35.

And as much as the Rangers have done well as of late with how they have built up the franchise from the ashes; I still get scared when people start mentioning older players.

It is like a curse worse than "1940" because it doesn't matter who the player is Mark Messier on his second time with the Rangers, Brendan Shanahan in the second year of his contract, and the biggest example Chris Drury.

Nobody thought for a second any of those guys would get really old really fast, but they did. They did more harm than good by the time they said goodbye and that is what I fear will happen with Shane Doan.

If Ray Whitney got $9 million over two years at his age then what do you think Shane Doan is gonna command at his age? $7-$8 million a season would be a good starting point and that scares me too.

It's nothing against Shane Doan because yes, he's a great leader, yes, he's proven but he's also 35.

Make your insanity worth it, if you're gonna do something drastic or blockbuster then go after Shea Weber. You can justify insanity for a 26-year-old number one defenseman a lot easier than you could Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan or Shane Doan.

At least with Weber you can reshape your entire team around him for several years not just one to two as you would a Shane Doan. Here's another thing to consider; which is with Weber playing for Barry Trotz, there is absolutely no concern about whether he will play the kind of defense that John Tortorella wants the Rangers to play.

Can you say the same thing about Shane Doan, Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan?

If you can't then your insanity should be headed south and it should be talking to Nashville.

Excuse me while I go push my panic button.

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Kmp said...

Big fan of Doan, but the over 35 is an issue, overpay a bit for a 1 yr deal,, he fits the system.