Friday, August 31, 2012

Prospect Preseason Action Updated)

J.T. Miller (Plymouth Whalers)
While the NHL and NHLPA play mind games on their loyal fans, the New York Ranger and New York Islander prospect got their preseason underway with some scrimmages and exhibition games.

Starting with 2011 NYR 1st round pick J.T. Miller and his Plymouth Whalers courtesy of Peter Krupsky the Director of Communications for Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH – JT Miller’s backhand stuff in a shootout proved to be the deciding goal as the Blues defeated the Whites, 5-4, in this morning’s scrimmage at Plymouth Whalers training camp at Compuware Arena.

The game – consisting of two 30-minute periods – was tied at 4-4, so the final outcome was decided by a sudden-death shootout. Before Miller’s game-winner, Ryan Hartman scored for the Whites and Connor Sills for the Blues in the shootout.

The Whites came back from a 4-1 deficit in the second half to tie the game and take it into the sudden-death shootout. The pace of the game picked up perceptibly in the second half as the Whites staged their comeback.

Returning veteran Michael Whaley paced the Whites’ comeback with a pair of second-half goals (at 9:30 and 12:05, respectively). Garrett Meurs tied the game for the Whites at 14:50 of the half.

Earlier, Hartman scored the first goal of the game at 3:30 of the first-half to give the Whites a 1-0 lead.

But the Blues stormed back to take a 3-1 lead in the first-half on goals by Tom Wilson, Cody Payne and Stefan Noesen.

First round pick Zach Bratina scored on a penalty shot at 6:25 of the second half to give the Blues a 4-1 lead before the Whites came back to tie the game.

Alex Nedeljkovic played the entire game in goal for the Whites and allowed four goals. Matt Mahalak played the first half in goal for the Blues and allowed one goal. Riley Corbin played in the second half for the Blues and allowed three goals.

AFTERNOON SCRIMMAGE CANCELLED: The Whalers have cancelled this afternoon’s scrimmage and will practice instead at 2 pm in preparation for Saturday’s night’s opening preseason game against Windsor at Yack Arena at 7 pm. Billed as the “Duel Downriver”, tickets for the game can be purchased by calling the Wyandotte Hockey Association at (734) 341-5893.

The game will be broadcast on 88.1FM WSDP The Park and on starting at 7 pm.

In Peterborough, Peter Ceresnak (NYR 2011 6th) was scoreless as his Team Yzerman defeated Team Gainey 5-3 to win the Peterborough Pete's annual round robin tournament. Ceresnak looks to be in great shape and with a year of North American hockey under his belt will be expected to produce this season.

In Saskatoon, Shane McColgan (NYR 2011 5th) helped his Team "Blue" earn a 4-3 win over Team "White" with a goal as McColgan made his debut of the Saskatoon Blades. A good start for McColgan who was featured yesterday.

Once Again Fans Held Hostage

Not going to sit here saying "I told you so" but once again NHL fans are being held hostage by the NHL and NHLPA's failure to bargain in good faith. Both sides believe your loyalty is so blind that you will keep supporting the NHL no matter what.

Neither side has any real incentive to work together in order to come up with a fair and honest collective bargaining agreement that protects the health of the league for owner and player.

And sadly neither side will until October when players don't receive paycheck and owners have empty arenas. Something is wrong when just about everyone in the hockey world believes that the NHL won't start up until the Winter Classic on January 1st.

That is Gary Bettman's baby and the NHL's cash cow; until that is endangered the NHL owners will not budge from their position. Gary Bettman vs Don Fehr is a battle of egos that the fans will lose.

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