Friday, November 9, 2012

24 seconds

This won't take long as the only game on Thursday night was Game 3 of the Subway Super Series as Russia took on Team OHL. The only local prospect playing in this one was Ryan Strome (NYI 2011 1st) but the story of this game was Russia scoring 2 goal 24 second apart in the 3rd period to win 2-1.

It was the first time since they started this series that a Russian team had defeated an OHL team. And this 18 game winning streak at least in my eyes was the biggest reason why Team OHL lost.

Too much was being made of the streak and you could see the quotes from the OHL players about not wanting to be the first team to lose to the Russians.  It (in my eyes) set up the good old "playing not to lose" mindset for the OHLers which as we all know guarantees you will lose.

It led to a mostly boring game to watch as really all the firepower on both sides never really showed up other than for the 24 seconds in the 3rd period when Russia scored both of their goals to tie and take the lead.

The series is off until Monday when Game 4 will take place in Sarnia and the pressure is really going to be on the OHLers to win this game.

Don't forget if you have a DVR to set it to the NHL Network USA and take a peak at Nathan Mackinnon and his Halifax Mooseheads as they put their 15 game unbeaten streak on the line against the Gatineau Olympiques.

MacKinnon is expected to be either the first or second pick in the 2013 NHL Entry draft. He is an outstanding young talent who very much deserves the hype he has been getting.

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