Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad times are bad times

Tuesday are really harsh days for prospect hockey and for 2 teams with New York Ranger and New York Islander prospects they were even harsher.

First off, I have never been one to support these "sell tomorrow to win today" trades because in most cases they don't work and that makes the teams making the deals a double loser. Yet teams keep trying to make these deals in hopes that it will work for them.

This year's big spender is Shane McColgan's (NYR 2011 5th) Saskatoon Blades who as you should already know by now are hosting the 2013 Memorial Cup. They might be one of the very few teams to ever host the Memorial Cup without playing in their own league's playoffs.

The Blades sold their souls on WHL trading deadline day and in the 3 games since have earned all of 1 point which came Tuesday when the Blades dropped a 4-3 shootout decision to the Kootenay Ice. The results of this game have the Blades closer to last place than they do first place.

Not going to blame Shane McColgan for what is happening with his team as McColgan is one of the few Blades who is being productive. McColgan had a primary assist on the Blade's 2nd goal of the game to give him a 5 game scoring streak (1-6-7) as well as points in 14 out of his last 16 games (5-15-20).

But for both the Blades and his own dream of earning a contract from the Rangers; McColgan unfortunately needs to do even more. Is it fair no it is not but this is where a prospect earns himself a contract as he has to dig deep inside and put a team on his back.

And here is another cold hard fact for McColgan and that is in Hartford there are already 3 players on the CT Whale roster who are 5-9. Each of them has a prettier resume than McColgan has which is why McColgan needs to do more whether it is fair or not.

Here is some friendly advice for college hockey teams; don't schedule Bowling Green to play you on Tuesday evenings. For the 2nd straight Tuesday, the Bowling Green Falcons defeated a team with a Ranger prospect on it.

Actually 2 Islanders and 1 Ranger prospect to be accurate as Bowling Green upset 4th ranked Notre Dame 4-2. Really what is there to say for Notre Dame as this loss should be seen as embarrassing to the 4th best team in the NCAAs.

Robbie Russo (NYI 2011 4th)
was the only prospect to register a point as he registered a primary assist on Notre Dame's 2nd goal which came late in the 3rd period. At the time it got Notre Dame to down just 1 at 3-2 but Bowling Green scored 35 seconds later to make it 4-2 and that was the game.

Anders Lee (NYI 2009 6th) was scoreless on 2 shots while Steven Fogarty (NYR 2011 3rd) was also scoreless on 0 shots and a -2.

Russo improved to 5-12-17.

I got a chance to speak with Gordie Clark today before he took off for the Top Prospects game in Halifax. As always Mister Clark gave his honest answers on Ranger prospects whether they are doing good or bad.

That will be in the season opening issue of the Blueshirt Bulletin along with my interview with Cristoval "Boo" Nieves and a quick look at Samuel Noreau. Not a subscriber? Then you should be

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