Sunday, March 31, 2013

A day off and a a scouting report

Connor Allen (Hockey East)
No Ranger or Islander prospects were in action on Sunday which means on an awesome day to fire up the BBQ, someone is getting to eat good. The Rangers during the week signed UFA defenseman Connor Allen to an entry level contract.

With no Ranger or Islander prospects playing in the Hockey East league this year I didn't follow the league and what little I had on Allen was out of date. So I asked Mark of "Fear The Triangle" a blog that covers UMass hockey if he would be so kind as to give you guys a scouting report and he was kind enough to do so.

"Fear The Triangle" was not your average UMass blog as it was written with an open mind and leaving the fan bias at the curb. When it comes to objective writing; Mark was the man for a real straight forward look at UMass.

Here is his report:

Hi Jess, Allen is basically a good all around defenseman. Two way player. Plays smart on defense. Usually is pretty good with his positioning. Can play physical when need be. Was UMass' hardest hitter in recent years. Good on offense. Sees the ice well and can make good passes. Scored a bunch of goals in college. I would say his shot is nothing special. Goals mostly came from him recognizing an opportunity versus offensive skill. He skates well and there were a number of times each season where he would end up leading an odd man rush.

He has a bit of a temper and would take a lot of penalties when he got frustrated/mad. He got sat a game by the coach for taking too many major penalties. He's a good teammate who will stick up for his teammates when it gets physical. Seemed to be a good leader on and off the ice. Would've been my pick for captain next year.

He'll do well at the AHL level. Does he have enough to get to the NHL? Not quite sure.

A thank you to Mark for his scouting report.

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