Thursday, March 14, 2013

It may not be pretty but

Yes I noticed that there was something wrong with the site's appearance but if I knew what the heck happened I would fix it. But then again there are several things I have never claimed I was good at starting with website design and writing.

I would hope that people were more interested in how the prospects were doing than whether or not this place was well designed. And right now after the NHL lockout cost me half of the money I would normally make in the season then for right now this is best I can manage.

My choice is looks versus being able to afford 40 cents a minute to talk with someone in Canada as the Canadian junior playoffs. I have to choose the telephone bill.

The news for the prospects wasn't much better as we went from a terrific Tuesday to a very disappointing Wednesday.

Andrey Pedan (NYI 11 3rd) gave it his best shot but his teammates didn't as the Guelph Storm lost to the Kitchener Rangers 3-2. The Storm's hopes of passing the Rangers for 4th place in the OHL's Western Conference are now in a coma with the Rangers needing 1 point from either of their last 2 games to clinch the spot.

Pedan played a strong game beyond scoring Guelph's first goal as he earned the game's 2nd star and deserved it. Pedan's 14th goal was also his 9th power play goal of the season and more importantly was Pedan's efforts at trying to make up for the loss of Matt Finn.

It starts by Pedan staying out of the penalty box (which he did) but the Storm missed out on their chance to have the home ice advantage when they face the Rangers in the OHL's first round. The team has nobody to blame but themselves in this case and it might cost them.

The only other action was Adam Pelech (NYI 12 3rd) and his Erie Otters facing the London Knights in a game that had nothing but pride on the line for the Otters. Taking on the OHL's best team and only losing 3-1 is supposed to be a moral win for the Otters.

Pelech was scoreless with a minor for cross checking as his season is now down to 2 games against Pedan and his Guelph Storm.

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