Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Colts stampede knights

Mitchell Theoret (OHL Images)
Corny headlines day 2 but as the OHL Finals shifted to the home of the Barrie Colts for game 3, the advantages of home ice played a key role in helping Barrie earn a 6-3 win over the London Knights and a 2-1 series lead.

Mitchell Theoret (NYI 2011 7th) of the Barrie Colts got the nod to start the game as did Tommy Hughes (NYR 2013 UFA) but while Theoret got the start, he really didn't do much more than that. But at least Theoret didn't have the night that Hughes did as to say his game struggled would be an understatement.

It was bad enough that Hughes was a -3 but everything that could possibly go wrong did for the London defenseman. Hughes was on the ice for Barrie's first goal just 35 seconds into the game, then on again for Barrie's 2nd goal for a -2 in the first period.

Hughes also took the first of three minor penalties in the period but Barrie wasn't able to cash that one in. But the Colts did cash in on the 2nd minor that Hughes took, this time for "holding" as Barrie went ahead 3-2 on the play.

At least on Hughes's 3rd minor he took someone with him as he was called for roughing in the 3rd period. But Hughes's evening ended on a sour note when he was pressured into coughing up the puck on Barrie's 5th goal which sealed the win for the home team.

This will sound really cruel but this is the kind of game that we want to see happen to Hughes now. It is the playoffs and it may be in the OHL but if Hughes can't bounce back here then what might that say about his chances when he is wearing Ranger blue?

It is not like Hughes hasn't been here before (he won a OHL Championship last year) so I would be shocked if Hughes has 2 bad games in a row.

We will find out for sure Wednesday.

It is didn't like the hiring of John Tortorella in the first place and while I wouldn't shed any tears if he got fired, it isn't happening this year now that the Rangers won game 3. A sweep would have been about the only excuse to fire Tortorella who's act is finally starting to wear on Ranger fans.

But as much as I hate to say this but the trade for Nash and Ryan Clowe cost the Ranger's 3 top picks in the 2013 and Sather will want to keep Tortorella around to toss him to the media as to why the radical remake of the roster worked/failed.

Sather is not going to explain why Brad Richards will be bought out nor when Sather gets smart and moves Marc Staal to Carolina before Staal suffers another "head" injury. I would gladly accept Keegan Lowe from Carolina and a draft pick.

When you see the scissor's method of budgeting from the Rangers it won't be perfect. Take the 3.95 away for Staal, then Hamiriik with his 3.5 and I think we have seen the last of the slasler

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william Peace said...

The player that sticks out is not a RAnger or Islander prospect. Mark Scheifele looks great. Athanasiou looks good to for the Colts too. Still think London will win.