Wednesday, June 5, 2013

X-Y+ Nothing

I can coach the Rangers
Sorry about the lack of activity here but I am waist deep in Math, English and Health thinking I was nuts to attend college at 54. Seriously there really isn't anything to talk about with the New York Rangers at the moment other than they are hunkering down in the Sather bunker in Palm Springs California.

I have often wondered if the Ranger staff just want an easy excuse to spend a week playing golf and drinking away from the glare of the Ranger media. Here is something to chew on and that is the "smart" members of the Ranger media are taking the time off while they can while others are just filling their space with lots of filler material.

There will be plenty of time to do a prospect season in review later in the month as well as break down who is attending the Ranger rookie/prospect camp not to mention who will be running said camp. If the Rangers don't have a head coach to run the camp then let Ken Germander and the Hartford coaches do it.

With the return of the Traverse City Tournament it will fall back on the Wolfpack staff to coach them anyway.

But should Glen Sather hire someone and have him in place by July 1st then I do very much hope Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller take part in the July camp. They missed out on an NHL training camp because of the lockout so attending the camp and getting to know the new coach would be a great way to get a head start on the 2013-24 season.

Now who wants to help me learn how to work with polynomials? Write an English paper? Okay walk a mile for me?

Hey where did everyone go?

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