About Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a park in Brooklyn New York, I choose that name because a park is where people gather to enjoy themselves whether it is visiting a zoo, having a picnic or just to meet friends old and new.

Since 2004 our coverage of New York Ranger prospects has grown thanks to a lot of people all over the hockey world. It has grown because of you the person reading this because I truly believe that Ranger fans have proven the Dolan Family wrong.

When Ranger fans were crying out for a rebuild in 1999, the response was that Ranger would never support one. As a lifelong Ranger fan I knew that was not true that in fact I knew it to be the opposite that Ranger fans would embrace their homegrown talent as their own.

When we started on this, there was hardly any prospect coverage anywhere but Dubi Silverstein had an idea of filling space in the Blueshirt Bulletin with interviews of the Ranger prospects during the NHL lockout.

Over the next year what was just a small paragraph on the Blueshirt Bulletin grew into what you see here today. But it is not just us here as coverage of Ranger prospects has grown all over the internet over the last 7 years.

Today we cover Ranger prospects all over North America and with some limited access those in Europe. We added the New York Islander prosects in 2010 in part because like it or not, it is in everybodies best interests that the Islanders are rebuilt so the Ranger/Islander rivalry once again is worth more than just pride.

A strong Islander team means the Rangers have to be equally as strong and while nobody wants to admit it; playing each other in the Stanley Cup playoffs is what both team's fans want to see.

It is good for us and better for hockey

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